We are MinerGate
MinerGate is a multicurrency mining pool created in 2014 by a group of blockchain enthusiasts. We provide the easiest mining software, reliable 24/7 support service and helpful community at your disposal.

Since the beginning, we have increased our cumulative hashing power thousand times and, in January 2018, MinerGate welcomed its 3,000,000th miner, and the community keeps growing.

However, our goal is the same — to make mining truly accessible to everyone regardless of investment size, technical background or experience in cryptocurrencies.

300,000+ active miners online
$20 millions paid to miners in 2017*
99% pool uptime backed by SLA
Enterprise-grade network and data protection
*USD equivalent of all cryptocurrency withdrawn by MinerGate miners as of December 31, 2017
Supported cryptocurrencies

There are 10 coins available for mining: Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Monero (XMR), Monero-Classic (XMC), AEON, Zcash (ZEC), Bytecoin (BCN) and Grin.

Our plans for the future include adding new Proof-of-Work coins, supporting new promising consensus algorithms (PoS, PoC, etc.) and constant development of our mining software, both GUI and console versions.

Dedicated mining software development
Smart mining
Enable smart mining to automatically mine the most profitable coin. Profitability is determined by your current computing power & mined currency exchange rates.
Benchmark testing tool

This feature will let you know your hardware’s performance in earning crypto in a given period of time. Also, you can find your best hardware options by looking at the top 25 best benchmarks of our users.

For your convenience, we have mining applications for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and even Android. Yes, your smartphone should put in work too! For experienced users we offer console miners, check our Downloads section for more details.

MinerGate desktop GUI miner
MinerGate mobile miner
Android miner
Media about us
The beauty of MinerGate is how easy it is to fire up and start mining.
Jan 2, 201899Bitcoins.com
The main idea behind Minergate is the ease of use and approachability for amateur miners, without any associated drawbacks for professionals.
May 27, 2016Cointelegraph.com
Bitcoin mining has been and still is one of the most lucrative ventures of our time, and MinerGate is making this a reality for many miners.
Sep 14, 2017Disruptordaily.com
No “Matrix” terminals, no complicated commands and parameters to set!
Sep 28, 2017Cryptocompare.com
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