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The latest Verge XVG fiasco. What is going on?


Hackers have always attempted to manipulate and steal cryptocurrencies from the very beginning. It isn’t anything new and honestly is to be expected with something so novel and valuable.  The really beautiful thing about blockchain technology – the easiest thing to understand about it – is that it is practically impossible to hack. Take Bitcoin […]

Why Proof-of-capacity could be the future of cryptocurrency


Most people by now have learned the basics of cryptography-based digital currency, aka “cryptocurrency”, such as Bitcoin BTC. You may even already know that they run on a newly decentralized ledger called a blockchain. All of this still leaves the most common question about cryptocurrency unanswered: Where does the value come from? It may seem […]

Understanding Hash Rate


Are you interested in mining cryptocurrencies? Are you already mining but still unclear about all of the components at work? Mining is an important and integral part of any “proof-of-work” cryptocurrency. Without mining, there would be no blockchain ledger and the digital currency in question would have no value. So the mining process actually drives […]

What is Mining?


If you are new to cryptocurrency or are interested in learning more about the technology behind the increasingly popular field, then this article is for you.  Some of the terminology and concepts in the cryptocurrency world are very foreign to most people, and as a wise person once said, “you don’t really understand something if […]