Crypto Mining Software Reviews

Read more about best crypto mining software, including reviews of alternative and MinerGate software. Download MinerGate xFast miner from here.

Monero XMR – Malware’s Favorite Coin?


Privacy within the cryptocurrency ecosystem is a much sought-after feature, and no one does it better than Monero (XMR). With ever increasing government and regulatory pressure, Monero offers a privacy solution in the form of ring signatures, ring confidential transactions, and stealth addresses to obfuscate the origins, amounts, and destination addresses of all transactions on the […]

5 steps to secure your MinerGate account


MinerGate doesn’t only want our clients to mine profitably, but also to keep the earned money safe and secure. This guide introduces 5 steps to make your account impregnable. Note that your security requires team work: we give you the means for protection, but we rely on you to enable them.

MinerGate GUI Miner v.6.4 released – Ethereum classic (ETC) mining


Earlier this week, Ethereum was hardforked, which technically resulted in moving to the new blockchain. MinerGate supported this decision and updated its pool servers, in order to continue to provide Ethereum mining.

MinerGate GUI miner v.6.1 – ETH mining on AMD cards


Version 6.1 of our GUI miner is released. New functionality has been added for AMD cards: now you can mine Ethereum if your card supports OpenCL 1.1 or later and all the CryptoNote coins with OpenCL starting from 1.2. Check all the improvements we’ve made in this post!

MinerGate GUI miner v.5.09 – Invoices


Hi miners! Spring is coming and we are bringing you a new release of our GUI mining application. The main feature of the version 5.09 is invoices support. It is a nifty option for those of you who use simple and profitable cryptocurrency exchange Changelly. Try it for yourself and compare our rates to other exchanges. Invoices […]