CryptoNote fees and 2FA


MinerGate is changing for you, here are our latest updates: We now have new fees for cryptonote coins. They are 1.5% PPS and 1% PPLNS, choose whichever is better for you. You can learn the difference here. For the better security of your account and your coins, we have implemented 2-step verification. It can be enabled in […]

Exchange rates & more


MinerGate has something new to offer our users. We are constantly looking for improvements, here is what they are today: We provide our miners with the up-to-date market information. Now you can see exchange rates for all the coins available on MinerGate in BTC/USD/EUR on the main page and in your dashboard. We hope that this […]

Merged mining


MinerGate has become the first CryptoNote pool that features merged mining! New main features: Fantomcoin is available on MinerGate. Merged mining support for Bytecoin, Monero, Quazarcoin, duckNote. When you merged mine a coin, it means that the hash rate for the main coin doesn’t decrease. This way you get the profit from both coins and it doesn’t […]