5 most important forks of fall 2018


five most important forks of fall 2018

This year has been an eventful year for forks. We have seen excitement build over and over again as a barrage of forks came our way from every corner of the cryptocurrency community. Monero, in particular, saw no less than 5 forks in just a few past months. Here we will look forward to the […]

The Lightning Network Explained


Bitcoin Lightning Network Explained

The Lightning Network or “Lightning” is basically a payment protocol that runs atop a blockchain (primarily for Bitcoin network), and is added as a kind of the second layer in order to process more transactions and eliminate mining fees. It does so by settling a transaction before it’s published on the blockchain. The reason for […]

5 GPU’s for cryptocurrency mining in 2018


2018 is the year of disillusionment and understanding for all those new to cryptocurrency. There is a lot to love in this new financial paradigm. We have finally learned to use this new shared monetary system and far from leaving it, we are in fact adopting it rapidly. It is only a matter of time […]

Why Businesses Should Accept Cryptocurrencies


If you haven’t noticed yet, we are living in an entirely different world thanks to the advent of cryptocurrencies. There are many individuals around the world who believe in not only the value of cryptocurrencies but the ethos behind them as well. Every single day more and more people around the globe are being turned […]

The Most Important Bitcoin HardForks in 2017


No matter how optimistic some might have been regarding Bitcoin’s growth in 2017, the market’s bull-run, throughout the year, took price to a yearly high that exceeded the most hopeful predictions. During the past year,  Bitcoin price increased by more than ten times. More interestingly, Bitcoin’s blockchain was forked more than 20 times during 2017. […]

Why Have Bitcoin’s Transaction Fees Skyrocket Recently?


During the past few weeks, bitcoin’s transaction fees have markedly increased and today, it typically costs around $20 to send a payment across bitcoin’s network. The reasons underlying this rise in transaction fees are rather complex but can be namely attributed to an increased number of transactions and the limited amount of transactions that the […]

What Can You Buy with Bitcoin in 2017


Bitcoin is rapidly going mainstream, the price hit another all-time high in November 2017, reaching more than $11000 per bitcoin. Many other cryptos and altcoins have also increased in value vastly this year. But what does this mean in the real world? Are cryptocurrencies still mainly for price speculation or investment or can you actually […]

5 Tips to Maximize your Mining ROI


You lined up your racks, you aligned those miners, powered the risers and everything is buzzing nicely, hashing around and, most importantly, drawing power each and every second. The power that costs a lot of money. The power that must be converted to revenue, otherwise all your gear is just scrap iron (and some plastic). […]