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Blockchain 51% Attack Explained


Blockchain 51% attack explained

Decentralization, or the spreading out of control over a network, is the key component of cryptocurrencies. So what happens if a group is able to gain the majority control of a coin’s hashing power? They would have to have at least a 51% of total global hashpower for this to be the case.

Monero XMR – Malware’s Favorite Coin?


Privacy within the cryptocurrency ecosystem is a much sought-after feature, and no one does it better than Monero (XMR). With ever increasing government and regulatory pressure, Monero offers a privacy solution in the form of ring signatures, ring confidential transactions, and stealth addresses to obfuscate the origins, amounts, and destination addresses of all transactions on the […]

Year in Review: MinerGate and Monero XMR pool


MinerGate multicurrency mining pool is proud to inform its users about the latest updates, news, and facts about Monero XMR pool. With the remarkable number of workers and the total hashrate that goes far beyond 47 MH/s, this pool is the most popular among MinerGate’s miners. The team has been gathering users’ feedback during all […]

5 steps to secure your MinerGate account


MinerGate doesn’t only want our clients to mine profitably, but also to keep the earned money safe and secure. This guide introduces 5 steps to make your account impregnable. Note that your security requires team work: we give you the means for protection, but we rely on you to enable them.

CryptoNote fees and 2FA


MinerGate is changing for you, here are our latest updates: We now have new fees for cryptonote coins. They are 1.5% PPS and 1% PPLNS, choose whichever is better for you. You can learn the difference here. For the better security of your account and your coins, we have implemented 2-step verification. It can be enabled in […]