merged mining

Moneta Verde


Our users are very different and they want to mine different coins. Today a new currency has joined MinerGate – please welcome Moneta Verde! You can find it in the miner and in the block explorer now. Moneta Verde’s name is translated as “green coin”. This coin uses already existing mining resources and it’s supply […]

Merged mining


MinerGate has become the first CryptoNote pool that features merged mining! New main features: Fantomcoin is available on MinerGate. Merged mining support for Bytecoin, Monero, Quazarcoin, duckNote. When you merged mine a coin, it means that the hash rate for the main coin doesn’t decrease. This way you get the profit from both coins and it doesn’t […]

Welcome to MinerGate


Dear miners! We are proud to announce the grand opening of MinerGate! Welcome!     MinerGate is a cryptonote mining pool that has the most convenient GUI miner. If you are new to mining, we have Smart mining function that will help you to mine the most profitable currency for the moment. If you are […]