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Blockchain Consensus Types: PoC, DBFT, PoA, PoB


Blockchain Consensus Types PoC DBFT PoA PoB

In the previous part, we focused on the legacy consensus mechanisms and how they can be used in the new world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with its higher both amounts of enthusiasts and decision-making demand. This part will give you a brief look at other consensus algorithms that have been making the news for some […]

Why Proof-of-Capacity could be the future of cryptocurrency


Most people by now have learned the basics of cryptography-based digital currency, aka “cryptocurrency”, such as Bitcoin BTC. You may even already know that they run on a newly decentralized ledger called a blockchain. All of this still leaves the most common question about cryptocurrency unanswered: Where does the value come from? It may seem […]

The Battle Between PoW, PoS and Other Beasts


When you think about Bitcoin (BTC), probably the first thing that comes to mind is mining. It’s probably the most spectacular transformation of a word in result of technological progress. From “a person who digs for gold in tunnels” it transformed into “a person who uses a computer to discover blocks, which will bring rewards most […]