Blockchain 51% Attack Explained


Blockchain 51% attack explained

Decentralization, or the spreading out of control over a network, is the key component of cryptocurrencies. So what happens if a group is able to gain the majority control of a coin’s hashing power? They would have to have at least a 51% of total global hashpower for this to be the case.

The latest Verge XVG fiasco. What is going on?


Hackers have always attempted to manipulate and steal cryptocurrencies from the very beginning. It isn’t anything new and honestly is to be expected with something so novel and valuable.  The really beautiful thing about blockchain technology – the easiest thing to understand about it – is that it is practically impossible to hack. Take Bitcoin […]

6 Totally Anonymous Cryptocurrencies


Even though Bitcoin was initially thought of as a highly anonymous method of payment, the truth is that the privacy options offered via Bitcoin’s blockchain even when coin mixing processes, such as CoinJoin, are used are far from being perfect. Later on, many cryptocurrencies were created to solve Bitcoin’s anonymity flaws in an attempt to […]