2015 – Brief history


2015 has been an active and fruitful year for MinerGate. We’ve seen a lot of changes happening, the most exciting event was undoubtedly the successful launch of our crypto exchange Changelly. Let’s take a look back over yet another fascinating year we had.


Everything is evolving, MinerGate as well


Here is the list of our top events in 2015:

  • Changelly exchange launched swimmingly
  • MG Forum created
  • Multilingual chat implemented
  • Versions 5.0-5.7 of our app released
  • Mining stories competition
  • Translations
  • Achievements


sprring 2015

We started the year by releasing the version 5.0 of our GUI mining application with Smart mining option. Smart mining is a neat feature that automatically chooses the most profitable currency for a given moment of time. It is a great way to go with the flow and mine productively if you haven’t chosen a favorite currency.

Our community is constantly growing and we are doing our best to make MinerGate comfortable  and enjoyable for miners from all over the world.

First, we’ve implemented several Chat rooms for users who speak English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. It is suitable to ask quick questions, find peers from your area or just spend a pleasant evening discussing mining experience and hardware performance. Everyone is welcome to join it now on our landing page or any other, just open a panel on the right side of the screen.

Chat is great for quick conversations, but what if you have a big complex topic you want to discuss with experienced miners? In April, MinerGate forum was created for these purposes. Write a post to help out the newbies, ask the opinion of the community, create a poll or add any pictures you want – in a word, feel like home!


summer 2015

The most exciting activity in summer of 2015 was our mining stories competition. We’ve asked our community to share their stories and some pics and were thrilled by your engagement into the process. It has been a great pleasure and thrill to read about your experience with the world of cryptocurrencies and the role MinerGate played in your life. We take this post as an opportunity to thank you all warm-heartedly once again.

All the stories were exciting and intriguing, but after long consideration we’ve chosen 3 winners. The first one was Andrew with his touching story Unbreakable, then tech-savvy Richard shared his experience in Lazy miner and finally Borys told us about his relationship with cryptocurrencies in Ever-changing coins

The most valuable thing about our competition is that it brought us together with the community, for example, the author of the first story Andrew even became our wonderful Portuguese moderator. Our third winner Borys sent us a moving e-mail in the end of October when the competition was finished:

I want to thank the whole MinerGate team for this reward. $280 is 1.5 times my current salary. I live in Ukraine and I think you are aware of what’s happening here right now. The rate of Ukrainian hrivnya is very unstable and you can’t rely on it. I work as a cook for 14 hours and get $13 for a shift, I think you can understand my situation now) This money will give me the opportunity to solve all my problems. I study in a university and it’s difficult to graduate without serious money due to corruption. In this message I would like to show my respect for you and thank you for believing in us, it all seems like a dream)


autumn 2015

Autumn of 2015 has been marked by the most important event for our team this year: we have launched our own exchange point Changelly. We designed it to be pure and simple, no complicated features or disguised fees. It works as an aggregating service and provides the most favorable rates and stays newbie-friendly at the same time, as it is much simpler to use than an exchange. Take a look at our blog to make the first steps on Changelly and start the finest crypto experience in your life.

Everyone strives to be the first, to beat the competition. Our pool has top miners for each coin, some of them even succeed with different currencies. One of them is Vasya, a Russian-speaking miner who manages in top 10 for several coins and helps us as a well respected Russian moderator. We took an interview with him where he told us about his way to Olympia.


winter 2015

We are trying to reinvent the ordinary tools, thus December brought our app a new fun feature. Now when you make some accomplishments during the mining process, you get an Achievement. Mystery is a part of the pleasure, so we don’t reveal the conditions of getting the achievements 🙂 Share your secrets of getting all of them and gather the army to make your main mining rival Claude surrender. When you unlock all of them, MinerGate will make a surprise for you.

Currently we are continuing our work on making MinerGate accessible for more miners worldwide. We’ve chosen 30 languages to translate our website to, some of them were suggested by you. The first community to complete our translations was Spanish and the other languages are doing well, too. Thank you for your meaningful help in our goals. If you didn’t get a chance to participate, don’t worry, you can still access the translation project and get our pool fee discount.

2015 isn’t over yet, we are still working on more features and opportunities for our beloved miners. Stay tuned and thank you for supporting our pool. See you next year.