5 basic Tips for Support requests


Dear Miners,

Our support team is putting its best foot forward to make sure all your queries are handled in time and efficiently. To play your hand into speeding up the process, please follow these simple 5 tips below.

1. Make sure to give as much information as possible in your first message. This reduces the amount of additional questions and allows us to proceed right to action.

Requests like “app not working” or “where is my money?” always require more time to solve due to lack of information. Please include more details and describe the issue thoroughly.

2. If you facing difficulties with a certain currency/currencies, please name/specify it.
Bear in mind to provide information on your transaction (date/time, currency and sum) so we can check it up.

3. If you believe that something is not right with your mining process, please provide the info about your OS, CPU, GPU, your mining software version and the name of currency you mine.

4. Screenshots of the issue are always welcome.

5. Kindly check the MinerGate FAQ and How-To guides before submitting a ticket.