5 steps to secure your MinerGate account


MinerGate doesn’t only want our clients to mine profitably, but also to keep the earned money safe and secure. This guide introduces 5 steps to make your account impregnable. Note that your security requires team work: we give you the means for protection, but we rely on you to enable them.

1. Choose a strong password

secure password

Despite multiple articles and warnings being issued by media and tech companies every year, people still set such passwords as “qwerty” or “123456” or use the same combination across various platforms. We are repeating it once again: choose a strong and unique password for every website where you are registered! There are tools online to make the process fast and painless.

We get it, remembering dozens of such passwords can be difficult, but the security of your money and personal data pays off. Password manager is a way to let your brain save space for important things. Such applications will store all your passwords on one or several devices and some also have built-in password generators.

2. Enable 2-step authorization

2-step verification

2-step authorization is an extra security measure to prevent a breach in case your password is compromised or you choose to use a simple combination for it. It is a 6-digit code that you need to enter each time you want to log in, withdraw or transfer money. This code is generated in Google Authenticator application that you can download to your mobile device and expires within 30 seconds, preventing potential hackers from guessing the string of digits.

We have explained in detail how to enable 2-step verification on MinerGate in this blog post.

3. Set up email confirmation for withdrawals

email notification security

You can set up email confirmation for your withdrawals and transfers, so every time a withdrawal attempt is made on your account, we’ll send you a message. To authorize the transfer or withdrawal, you should click the link in the email. Even if your account is broken into, it will be impossible to remove your funds without access to your inbox.

To enable email confirmation for withdrawals and transfers:

  1. Go to your Profile
  2. Find the setting “Email confirmation for withdrawals” and click “Enable”.
    Please note that you need to verify your email first to enable this feature. It is required so that we know that the emails can actually reach your inbox and we are not considered spammers by our mailing provider.
  3. That’s it! Now just go to your Dashboard, choose the currency and the amount to withdraw, then proceed to your inbox and confirm the operation.
Setting up an extra email

If you have registered at MinerGate with an email that doesn’t exist or made a typo in your address, it can be easily fixed. Just add an extra email to your account and verify it to set up withdrawals confirmation.

You can also use extra email to log in and get our newsletter, Although, we must warn you that for mining you should use only the original email you registered with! Otherwise your profits won’t be credited to your account.

4. Check account activity

account activity

We suggest our clients to check their activity log once in a while. Just open Profile page and scroll down until you see the title “Recent activity”. Here you can see login, withdrawal and security updates events with respective device, browser, operating system and location details.

If you spot any suspicious activity, we encourage you to contact our support team right away. Change your password, enable 2-step verification and email confirmation for withdrawals to prevent any malicious activity on your account while we are reviewing your request. In addition, check activity in your inbox to make sure that the hacker doesn’t have access to it and can’t withdraw your money. If you are using the same login & password combination on other websites, change password on these platforms too as a precautionary measure.

5. Sign out of all sessions

sign out of all sessions

Finally, after you’ve updated all security settings, you can sign out of all sessions and log in again to ensure that no one is using your account without your knowledge. Same goes for the case if you see suspicious activity in the log. First enable the security measures and then cut the access.

It is important to note that you will be logged out not only from all web sessions, but also from GUI mining applications if you are mining using extended mode. If you don’t have access to some of the mining rigs you are using, they will stop mining for your account.

We hope that this security guide will make your account and money secure and you calm about them. There are even more features on our roadmap that we will tell you about as soon as they are released. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

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