7 Useful websites for crypto Beginners


Cryptocurrency mining could be a vague business for newcomers since there are tons of information to read before starting coin mining such as finding mining software, mining pool, mining power guideline, and other coin environments. Fortunately, we have gathered some useful and necessary websites in this article for newbies to forge you before putting your feet into the crypto mining business.


Bitcointalk currently is the biggest cryptocurrency forum where every kind of people who are stakeholders of bitcoin and altcoin shared knowledge and coins’ news. There are lots of information about bitcoin and newly developed coins posted in the forum. Some claimed that the forum was found by Satoshi Nakamoto, a man who created Bitcoin. Nowadays, the forum managed by Theymos and moderators. The mining section here is also a good place for newbies to dig for knowledge of both altcoins and Bitcoin. Moreover, the local section in the forum is the place where people from the same language can share their own views such as Arabic, Indonesia, Spanish, Chinese, German, France, etc. To start mining a coin, this is the first place where you need to visit.


After you have observed some initial information about cryptocurrency world, then you should know what coin is worth for you to mine following your machine specs. About this, we recommended you to visit Whattomine.com. It is a site that provided the type of machine you could use for mining. When you filled numbers in the blank, they will show you in the table below of what kind of coins you should mine.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that there were various factors playing important roles in profitable mining, for instance, mining difficulty, price fluctuation, and mining pool you selected. You will have to check regularly for which coin you want to mine due to the factors changed.


We mentioned about mining difficulty of cryptocurrency, then you should also need to know how your coins are difficult to mine. Coinwarz.com’s services are similar to Whattomine.com, but Coinwarz.com offered some fancy charts about coins’ difficulties. Some function could be manipulated, for example, profit numbers could be sorted either ascending or descending in the table roll.


Coinmarketcap.com is said to be the most visited cryptocurrency site. They provided data portal for all crypto-coins that trade in the market. Website links, Block chain’s information, Historical price charts are also found here. We suggest this to you because of not only the mining knowledge you need to know but the price of the coin you mined also influenced your business profits. Coinmarketcap.com also attached you links to the market where coins traded, current price in each market. This convenient tools made them attracted both newbies and experienced traders to the web.


In coin mining business, you need to join the pool to mine the coin. Solo mining by using only your own machine could be painful and waste your time. The idea of pool mining means you are sharing hashing power and profit to gain higher possibilities to solve crypto-block. Thus, finding a good pool is also a key to success cryptocurrency mining. Bitmakler.net is a utility coin information website. They provided various kind of coin’s info as well as the coin mining pool information which is good enough for newcomers to explore.


Cryptocompare.com is another utility website for bitcoin miners. They offered a coin exchange market rating, coin wallet rating, places to spend your coins, and cryptocurrency forum. This is a handy site for people who don’t know where to start. Web graphics and contents are friendly to all users, no advance IT knowledge needed.


However, since we have this short reviews for our recommended site, you may feel that mining cryptocurrency is not an easy task: choosing and setting up mining machine, coin selection, and electricity cost calculation, checking out mining pool, and other information to update the fast-moving bitcoin world. Fortunately, MinerGate provided a choice of cryptocurrency for mining. There are designed the smart application with one click installation. The automatic GIU miner mining mode guided you through the most profitable currency that is available for mining which should save your time a lot. 


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Hello Luis! MinerGate team involved in BTG testnet already. We will provide our miners with the actual version asap.

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