AEON block confirmation normalized


AEON delayed block confirmation resolved

Dear miners,

We’re glad to inform you that issue with recent delays in AEON blocks confirmation is resolved. All rewards will be credited to your MinerGate accounts at its earliest, however, withdrawals may still be unavailable.

AEON appeared as a fork of Monero in June 2014. It’s decentralized, open-source platform, using Proof of Work consensus mechanisms, CryptoNight protocol, and ring signature to make transactions absolutely private and untraceable.

On June 3, 2018, the “Sophia” update was implemented in the AEON network. The new CryptoNight-Lite v7 algorithm and protocols made the AEON network fully ASIC-resistant for the time being. After the hard fork happened, hashrate of the network dropped almost 18 times, so to avoid further complications, the difficulty of the network was manually decreased by devs team. 

You can find information about AEON blocks in our blockchain explorer.
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