Bitcoin & Litecoin pools


What are the most desired and well-known cryptocurrencies that leave sleepless every crypto enthusiast in the world? Without any doubt, they are Bitcoin and Litecoin.

We know that it is difficult and, to be fair, quite useless to join the Bitcoin mining party with your home computer now. There are a lot of companies and individuals who spend thousands of dollars buying expensive ASICs to create their own mining farms. The competition is very tense and only the truly fittest can survive this crypto evolution.

However, if you have the suitable equipment to be mining Bitcoin and Litecoin, we want to be sure to present you this opportunity.

That’s why we are glad to announce that Bitcoin and Litecoin mining is now available at MinerGate.

Here you can find the pool addresses for them.

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We have Block Explorers for both Bitcoin and Litecoin