Brand new MG Chat


Christmas is approaching at a quick pace and MinerGate is starting to give out the gifts. Today we are presenting a new Chat and its new features bring your crypto communication experience much closer to what it should look like in 2016.


Let us walk you through the coolest new features we prepared.

  • More languages for the chat rooms. Just open the list and choose yours. Communicate with your peers and set meetups in your country. The more the merrier!
  • Sound notifications. You don’t want to miss it if somebody answers your urgent question. No worries, MinerGate will notify you when you are specifically addressed by a fellow miner.
  • One click specified reply. You can answer one of the Chat members directly just by clicking on his/her nickname.
  • Improved design. Enjoy more space with the new design.
  • Colors for different Chat roles. Red is for Chat admins, Blue for the moderators, Green for yourself.

Go to our main page and try it out now!