MinerGate Console Miner v8.2 Released


MinerGate Console Miner v8.2

Finally, there is a major update to our console-based miner. The 8.2 console release is available for Windows, Ubuntu and FreeBSD systems to download here.

Let’s see what has changed in this version.

New coins to mine

We’ve added five cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Zcash (ZEC) and Monero Original (XMO). All other cryptocurrencies supported by MinerGate remain available for mining.

Merged Mining After Monero Fork

Recently Monero (XMR) survived the hard fork and MinerGate supports both two currencies that appeared as a result of the fork, each on separate blockchain: XMR and XMO. Due to the modification of the hashing algorithm (= mining algorithm), the Merged Mining feature is now available for XMO only. XMR uses a different mining protocol and is incompatible with CryptoNight-based coins.

Merged mining allows you to mine Fantomcoin (FCN) or MonetaVerde (MCN) in addition to the major coin without reducing its hashrate.

Here’s the updated list of console commands for Merged Mining:

minergate-cli -user <your_email> –xmo+fcn <number of cores>

minergate-cli -user <your_email> –xmo+mcn <number of cores>

For example, to mine both XMO and MCN on all cores use this command line:

minergate-cli -user over9000hs@gmail.com –xmo+mcn

A new look for miner's CLI

A new look of console miner statistics.

Shared mining on several GPU devices

We’ve added the option to mine on several GPUs at the same time. It will help you improve the performance of your hardware and increase your hashrate. This command line along with other new ones has been added to “Help”.

Mining without CPU involvement

Another new feature is the option to mine only on GPU device without using the CPU powers. To enable it, use the new flag “–no-cpu”. For example, the command for Merged Mining of Monero Original and Fantomcoin on GPU only will be as follows:

minergate-cli -user <your_email> –no-cpu –xmo+fcn <number of cores>

Windows OpenCL 1.2 support is back

Back by popular demand, we’ve returned support of OpenCL 1.2 in app for Windows, that was removed in versions 8.0 and 8.1.


Code refactoring is a common thing in continuous software development. We’ve revised our code to increase the miner performance in some cases.

Messages and tips

We’ve reviewed and improved messages about miner’s work and tips in “Help” in order to give precise information on your activity.

Important. Notice that Chrome browser may reject the file when you try to download it. We’re currently working with Google support on this issue and soon it’ll be resolved. In order to download please use Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave or any other browser.

MinerGate is continuously developing to make your mining more comfortable and efficient. We’re tending to improve our software in order to meet the expectations of every miner, preparing updates of major features and introducing new options.

MinerGate Console Miner v8.2

Rating: 3


I can not configure the console version under the win 7 64 constantly close the window, have already tried everything

Have you downloaded the latest version? Try running it as administrator (Right click -> Run as administrator) and check your security apps notifications (however, I think that’s not the case).

If the problem remains, please submit a ticket:

thank you, I already figured out, went to HELP and looked. Tell me, is it possible to regulate the power of the video card? in the settings sonsole this is not in the graphical application, too. Could I add its intensity? or temperature control

This option is not available. However, I’ll pass on your wishes to the developers, thank you!

I am having the same issue, where is the “HELP” area. Is it in the program or a form? Thanks for any guidance.

Hey Val,
Where did you find the help for your issue. I am having the same problem?

Hi. the mac console miner wasn’t upgraded…. when do you plan to do so ? or is there a way to use the linux one ?


It is planned soon, we will keep you updated! Thank you for your interest.

[30.04.2018 18:39:09] [ info] MinerGate starting…
network error
I’m using Ubuntu 16


It is planned soon, we will keep you updated! Thank you for your interest.

I have tried for weeks to get the Windows GUI version to resize to see all mining options but nothing will work. I cannot scroll down to bottom or page down. Reinstalled new version and still same problem. Please advise.

Rating: 3


It is planned soon, we will keep you updated! Thank you for your interest.

Since minergate-cli 8.2 I can no longer mine. I get 0 H/s for every coin.
It should be noted that I mine in a server only with CPU. When I start the minergate-cli I get the error “clGetPlatformIDs (count) error: -1001”. I found it’s related to OpenCL, it seems the miner is trying to use a GPU although there is no GPU there.
I noticed that you have a “–no-cpu” option, can you please provide a “–no-gpu” option too to avoid this kind of issue?
Thank you!

The program window closes a few seconds after the start. From the Administrator too. GeForce 750.

I tried minergate 8.2 and not receiving the expected payouts as stated by the minergate calculator.
my has rate in about 42 Mh/s and should be getting around 3.80 US dollars a day but with minergate 8.2 I am only getting 0.35 US dollars a day.
I went back to minergate v7.2 and payouts per day are as the minergate calculator suggests of 3.80 US dollars a day.
What is the issue I am having with minergate 8.2 that give me only 10% of expected payout?

should i mined ETH or ETC on minergate console miner V8.2?
please advice?

How to register two graphics cards 0 and 1 for collaboration? Each works separately, do not work together.

I also have been wondering the -g commands for the 0 and 1 detected graphics cards. Still waiting on a reply from support. I will let you know when I’ve figured it out or heard something back from support. Currently no matter how I entire the -g [deviceno] it still only uses the first detected gpu.