Difference between Dashcoin and Dash


Some of our customers may face an error when withdrawing Dashcoin: ‘Cryptocurrency address is not recognized as valid’ withdrawing from the desktop app or ‘Invalid address’ withdrawing from the Dashboard. In this post, we will dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s on this subject.

Why the error occurs

Well, you want to withdraw Dashcoin and all of a sudden get the message: ‘Cryptocurrency address is not recognized as valid’. This message persists because during the process you have confused Dashcoin (DSH) with Dash (DASH).

These are two totally different currencies with similar names. If you google one, you are likely to find mixed information about both in one search query. Dash was launched as XCoin on January 18, 2014, and 10 days later was rebranded as Darkcoin. On March 26, 2015 Darkcoin was renamed to Dash. Partly in order to gain over Dashcoin users and partly to expand the brand, and that was the time when this confusion began. Please note that we DON’T support Dash mining on MinerGate.

What is Dashcoin

Dashcoin logo

Dashcoin (DSH) is an anonymous cryptocurrency, which represents an automatically mutating mirror fork of Bytecoin. Dashcoin is based on the technology called CryptoNote. It uses CryptoNight algorithm. Apart from Bytecoin, CryptoNote is also implemented in many other cryptocurrencies which form a whole family. This algorithm uses ring signatures and one-time addresses, thus hiding the sender and the recipient. Dashcoin was launched on July 5, 2014. To mine Dashcoin, it’s enough to have a computer with average hardware.

To join Dashcoin miners community, just download our convenient application and choose the coin in the list of the currencies.

Current Dashcoin rate: 1DSH ~ $ 0.002316 (100 DSH ~ $ 0.2316)

What is Dash

Dash logo

Dash (DASH) is a coin based on X11 algorithm. It’s a system which consists of 11 chain hashing algorithms for the-proof-of-work. Another feature of Dash is Darksend, a special scheme which allows you to always stay anonymous. Dash is designed for powerful CPUs.

Current Dash rate: 1 DASH ~ $ 11.39

Note that you can always check the current rates and exchange the coins at our crypto exchange Changelly.com.

How to distinguish

So what should you do to tell the difference between these cryptocurrencies?

  1. Pay attention to the logo.













2.  Mind the initial letter of a wallet address. A Dashcoin wallet always starts with the letter ’d’, while a Dash one starts with an ‘x ‘, which is the legacy of its first title XCoin.

 3. Notice the ticker, an abbreviated cryptocurrency name. Dashcoin is referred to as DSH, whereas Dash is known as DASH. It’s pretty simple: the longest name has the shortest ticker.

 4. Finally, you may explore the currencies’ official websites and accounts in social media.




To get everything done the right way, follow our short instructions:

Bottom line

Although Dash and Dashcoin sound similar, they are very different currencies that have nothing in common, except for the 4 letters in the title, which are the sources of confusion. Everything is different, starting with logos and ending up with algorithms. To tell the difference between them, you just need to be a little attentive.

If you are sure that everything you’ve entered is correct, but the system still rejects withdrawals, please contact our support teamWe’re always happy to answer your questions.


This blog post could use some updates.

1) Please provide sources for the claim that “Darkcoin was renamed to Dash in order to gain over Dashcoin users”. As I understand it, one of the main reasons (besides adopting a logical contraction of ‘Digital Cash’) was to unlink Dash perceptually from the darknet. See, for instance, http://forklog.net/dash-a-year-after-rebranding/

2) The “Please note we DON’T support Dash” should be amended to reflect the fact that you do not support mining it. Whilst there is mention of Changelly further down in the post, you’ve denied all support for it before you get there. Perhaps best to rephrase this to something like “We mine Dashcoin and not Dash, but you can exchange Dashcoin into Dash via Changelly.” (For me, this is one of the prime reasons to use Minergate in the first place.)

3) The relative value of Dashcoin and Dash could be better illustrated than by a figure to several decimal places for what 100 of each is worth in BTC. Perhaps something like “Dashcoin has a market capitalisation of just under US$29,000 with 12.1 million coins in issue; 1 DSH is worth ~$0.0024 (100 DSH = $0.24). Dash has a market capitalisation of just over US$52,000,000 with 6.6 milion coins in issue; 1 DASH is worth ~$7.92”.

There’s probably more that might usefully be added, whether as to Dash’s InstantSend function (also, DarkSend is now renamed as PrivateSend) and as to wider choices of wallet software and growing acceptance among fiat exchanges and merchants.

This could go hand in hand with some more explanation of Changelly; I have very successfully used Changelly to convert 454 DSH mined using Minergate for 0.1210543 DASH paid directly to my Dash wallet. With a high bitcoin price this looks attractive and is a major part of my use case for using Minergate; you might do well to redress the balance of this post a bit, since whilst you may not support mining Dash directly, you do now support converting several of the currencies that you mine and paying out in Dash – and very nice it is, too.


Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. We actually made some changes to the article.

1) It was quite obvious by actions they took, like when they bought the domain that Dashcoin used to have. I don’t think you can find any official statements on this, though. I respect that they found some logic explanation for rebranding and believe that it was partly due to their marketing strategy, but still believe there are two sides to the story. In any case, rebranding is now mentioned too, thank you.

2) That is a solid argument, we changed the line so it’s clear that we don’t support Dash mining.

3) We have changed the approximate value to USD, although as it is a simple guide, decided not to include the information about market capitalisation.

I don’t think we would add any new information about Dash features to this article, after all, we are not advertising it here. Dash has its mention on Changelly blog https://changelly.com/blog/next-ripple-dash-aeon/

Thank you again, we are glad to have such proactive users and we are really happy you like and use both our services!