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GPU-miner and Dashcoin now available

Try our GPU-miner (beta) for NVidia video cards. Windows 64-bit and Windows 32-bit. Here at MinerGate, the wheels are always turning: our tech experts work day and night to bring you the latest technologies.

MinrGate brings you a new currency – Dashcoin

Dashcoin is a cryptonote-based currency that is now available for all the miners on MinerGate.



Now you can mine Dashcoin with our GPU-miner

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You can now share your thoughts and ideas with other users and ask more experienced miners for help: MinerGate has implemented chat on its main page.

In addition, you can choose what network fee to pay (in withdrawal pop-up there is a new field)

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is there a GPU-Miner for AMD video card .
I have an amd readeon hd 8870M and i can’t use it in minergate GUI

Hello, unfortunately, we support only NVidia cards for now and will support AMDs starting from the next release. Intel integration is not in our nearest plans at the moment.

I assume you represent… I think it would be a good idea if you can make intel mining available.. it would make mining would be much more popular and if that so it’s good for development cryptocurrency.. more people in the game more fun… there are sooo many many many people have intel hd graphic on their computer..

Hello! It’s more than tricky to make mining for Intel available. In theory, you can install OpenCL to an Intel card and try to mine with it.

buenas tardes, estoy minando con ustedes desde ayer, el programa no esta utilizando mi GPU para minar!, tengo instalada una tarjeta nvidea 6200! windows 7 32 bits… tengo que descargar algun otro programa?

Hello, I have a notebook with intel gpu integrated and geforce 920m dedicated, but i can’t mining with my both gpu, after I clicking the GPU mining, it start correctly but after 10 or 20 seconds it stop mining, what can I do for this situation?

Hello, by my installed NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 and MinerGatev.6.3 but GPU Mining will not start, what they can say.


Here is a translation of the question that eleazar did before me, and im getting the same trouble here.

What happens is that i downloaded the miner to use my gpu which is a Nvidia gtx 770 but when i try to start mining with it, the miner got stuck saying like if it was already mining but with 0.00h/s and my gpu is not under load then it wont let me even do that, when i press start mining it starts but a second later the button to start mining spawns again.

Hola Janika, tengo una duda, cuando voy a activar la GPUmining en BCN prende solo dos segundos y se desactiva, tengo una nvidia gtx 960 de 2gb crees que la tarjeta no tiene la potencia suficiente? por otra parte la CPU si funciona sin problemas, Muchas gracias, Saludos!!

Hello, sorry, I don’t speak Spanish. Please translate your question to English. Alternatively, you can ask our multinational users for help in chat, which is available on our website:

Just one question, is GPU mining available for OSX? I have an NVIDIA card but not sure if I’ll have to install Ubuntu or Windows if its not possible to GPU mine in OSX.
Thank you.

Is the lastes Minergate software supports mining with AMD GPU? I have HD 6570. The current version I have is 6.4.

Hello, I have geforce 1080GTX, I can’t mining with my both gpu, after I clicking the GPU mining, it start correctly but after 10 or 20 seconds it stop mining, what can I do for this situation?
– Window 7 64 bit
– Software minergate V. 6.4 64 bit

hello! GPU mining seems to be not working on macbook pro (unibody and non-unibody). tested on 10.11.4 on several machines, with NVIDIA GeForce 8600M and newer cards as well. the interface shows: “gpu mining: not available”. any ideas or hints on how to enable gpu mining on Mac OSX?

Hi! I installed a GUI minergate version but I can’t login into it – the fields for e-mail and password are both unresponsive but I can click on login button. I am using Ubuntu 14.04 server and remote X (“ssh -X username@host”).

Hi I’m using the latest version GUI minergate v6.6. There is a problem with GPU mining, it can be press but it is not functioning. The minergate logs show opencl error -61, Can’t setup algorythm, and GPU miner finished. My gpu is amd radeon hd 7670m.

i got the lates miner gate
but not all GPU mining is working, it is not show in ETH,ETC and Aeon.
i am using AMD GPU with 1gb Vram.

is it not enough to use 1 worker in those mining?


As Aeon has recently changed algorithm, GPU mining is no longer available for it. As for Eth, ETC, your card should be at least 2 GB. This limitation is due to the size of Ethereum’s DAG file, which is constantly growing and now is about 1,5 GB in size.

i have an AMD Radon and its not starting the GPU mining with the Minergate Option of GPU mining all drivers installed.

dear, I want to ask you something about my system,
I have GetForce 310, 512 MB 64 bit, my GPU mining is not supported,

Is there anyone that conform me that minimum GPU that will start my GPU mining I will be very very happy to see my answer.. thanks

hello I have a GTX 1080 and a GTX 1060 can I use both with the minergate software or just one GPU? thanks

Hello! Currently we need to run additional tests for some models of NVidia cards, as there may be compatibility issues on our application. We are planning to resolve them in the next version of our application. If you are interested in helping us with testing when we have the beta version of the software, please drop a message to

Till then, please consider using alternative miners to connect to our pool.

I have an AMD Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 and it’s not starting the GPU mining with the Minergate Option of GPU mining all drivers installed..

I have a GPU Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT but it’s not starting the GPU mining with the Minergate Option of GPU mining all drivers installed.

my minergate app for MacOs v6.7 does not let me use GPU with nVidia GTX960. The latest CUDA and web drivers are installed. Please can you advise?

i m mining XMR on my nvidia titan i have 75kh/s but it wont show up in my dashboard ..!!!

Why when i mine with GPU it’s 0.00h/s and not showing anything. My GPU is AMD HD 3360 and my Minergate GUI version is 7.2 64-bit. Hope it get fixed soon. by the way this is the best pool!

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My graphic is GT550m and my CUDA is ver 2
In software the button for mining with GPU is active but when i click on it after 1-2 sec it stops
What is the problem,guide me plz

Beginner alert : How do I mine with a GPU on my MAC
can someone send me details of how to plz?