Ethereum Constantinople and Petersburg Hard Forks


Ethereum Constantinople and Petersburg Hard Forks

The time has almost come and the world will see long-waited Ethereum (ETH) network upgrade – “Constantinople” – very soon. It’s assumed, that the hard fork will take place on February 25, on the blockchain height of 7,280,000.

The MinerGate team is pleased to inform you, that all the necessary updates on the server’s side were implemented. After the hard fork passed, users won’t need to make any changes in order to complete mining within MinerGate mining pool.

“Constantinople” update will be installed simultaneously with the “Petersburg” update.

Main changes in the upcoming updates:

  • Block reward reduced from 3 ETH to 2 ETH per block;
  • Speed and efficiency of the network increased;
  • Network’s energy consumption reduced;
  • “Gas” demand reduced;
  • “Difficulty bomb” postponed for 18 months;
  • Migration on the Proof of Stake algorithm postponed.