MinerGate GUI miner v.6.0 – Ethereum mining


Today we are announcing the release of version 6.0 of our desktop application. As you can see, the initial digit has changed, which indicates a major update. We are excited to present you Ethereum mining!

If you ever wondered what MinerGate’s biggest priorities are – just take a look at the history of our updates. We are the first pool to offer the feature of merged mining, we have the most convenient GUI miner in the crypto community and recently released the first mobile miner for CryptoNote currencies. The list can go on, the main idea is that innovations and evolution are our core values. They guide us and make us search for better decisions and cutting-edge upgrades for our clients.

Ethereum overview

Ethereum mining

Ethereum, or Ether is the currency of the blockchain platform with the same name. It was developed in 2014 by Vitalik Buterin, a 19-year-old developer from Canada. The crowdfunding project for Ethereum became the third most successful in history.

Ethereum has a platform for creating so-called smart contracts. Smart contracts are a basis for decentralized applications, often called dapps. They run without any possibility of censorship, downtime, fraud or third parties interference. The applications can move value through Blockchain and represent the ownership of property.

Ethereum is one of the most bold and ingenious projects of the last years. It may contribute to many areas of our everyday lives. MinerGate is happy to welcome the currency with the same forward-looking goals and ideas as we have.

Getting started with Ethereum (ETH)

MinerGate’s update makes it easier for anybody to start mining Ethereum without being a tech-savvy miner. Just download our GUI application, press the button and start getting your Ethers in mere minutes. One click and you are all set!mg_miner_screen_mac

Getting started

When you first click Start mining next to Ethereum, you will see that the application is preparing the so-called DAG file. It will take a couple of minutes. Don’t worry, we need to do this only once, this won’t happen each time you enable ETH mining.

It may happen that at first your hashrate will be quite low, just several hashes. Leave it as it is, it will increase as you keep mining. This is a standard case for Ethereum mining, let your rig speed up for some time.

Reward method

MinerGate offers you Ethereum mining with PPLNS reward method. It means that once the pool finds a block, you get the reward for sent shares. The more shares you send, the bigger reward you get. Learn more about PPLNS reward method in our FAQ.

Mining capacity

This version of our GUI miner supports CPU and NVidia GPU Ethereum mining. We have made CPU mining 20,000 times easier than other pools. Usually, if you mine Ethereum on CPU, it is almost impossible to send a share. With MinerGate you will be able to do it every several seconds.

Please note that the RAM (random-access memory) of your GPU must be at least 2GB for the card to be available. This is a restriction caused by the current size of the DAG file, which is close to 1,5GB at the moment.

To start mining with AMD cards, please use ethminer and follow the instructions below. We are planning to integrate AMD mining to our GUI application in one of the next releases.

Pool address and port for Ethereum

In case you are an experienced crypto enthusiast and came to good terms with console interface, just install the official Ethereum ethminer following the instructions on the official website and use these settings to connect to our pool:

For CPU mining
ethminer -C -F http://pool.minergate:55751/<YOUR_EMAIL> –disable-submit-hashrate

For GPU mining
ethminer -G -F http://pool.minergate:55751/<YOUR_EMAIL> –disable-submit-hashrate

What’s new


Our desktop application has been refreshed and refined on every level. Here are all the improvements we made in this version:

  • Ethereum mining for CPU and NVidia GPUs
  • Improved benchmark
  • New logo
  • New user agreement
  • Improved design
  • Achievements bugfixes
  • Minor bugfixes

Download version 6.0 of our miner and join Ethereum network!

Let us know what you think and make your suggestions in the comments section below. We are always happy to hear your suggestions and read the reviews.

Rating: 5


Great update, just one correction… neoneon miner has had cryptonote mining available for android devices for quite some time…. that would make your application the 2nd. The minergate application is far superior for cryptonote mining then Neoneon miner, but that doesnt make it the 1st one lol.

Hello, I just updated to new miner 6.0. Currency balance is no longer available. How do I fix it?


What do you mean by no longer available? Could you explain in detail?


Rating: 5

Доброго времени суток! Я так понимаю майнинг эфириума в minergate на карточках AMD сейчас не возможен?

Hello! We are an international service, please be so kind to translate your comment to English.

Is it also possible to mine ethereum on your pool with a rented getwork miner for example from miningrigrentals.com? And if yes, would this also work if I mine with my local machine at the same time?

Hello, unfortunately, we are not familiar with this service. Please give us more details about it.

Hello. Why in the console mining is not counted in the statistics more than 2 workers

I get really low hashrate on my PC, 5 – 10 H/s on all coins
My PC is a 2.6 Ghz Intel E5300 with 8 Gb of Ram.

My latop the same which is an aspire 5750 intel 2.1 Ghz with 8Gb Ram.

Is my hashrate Ok… what low end Graphics card would improve upon this.

omg. Please stop into any Best Buy. Dell Inspiron with latest Ryzen7 procesor and loaded with our RX 580 graphics card. Will pay for itself in like a month….

Its still on sale. Price of the cpu and gpu… more than an assembled desktop. And as you may know, gpu’s are HARD to find find with a fat stack of cash in your hand while walking into a store…. So… Bargain and actually ready for you to walk out with-no wait time.
My favorite thing about Minergate is you can pool mine on virtuall ANY device. Bad thing is there are 2 year old phones with faster processors. Some guys are renting 747’s to deliver 1080TI GPU’s around the world….

If you can step up your machine, I HIGHLY recomend it. Even while crypto’s are being smashed. A very healthy market correction, and VERY needed IMO.My AMD cpu is 4.2GHZ, 8 core. It’s mining three cryptos, controling a 3d printer, and running at least 1-3 3d CAD programs at the same time/at all times. Running old tech is just a waste. Scratch that! Keep it mining too! Upgrade to a newer machine though. Can pay for itself in like a month… Just sayin!!!!!

PS your hashrate is at least cut in half of what it should be. Might want to download Malwarebytes, to see if something bad is sucking on your cpu speeds. May be infected. Or you may want to check and make sure all available cores are mining-might be something silly like that too.. Just a one button pull down and click remedy. Thanks to the software engineers at Minergate!!! Thank you for making mining easy for anyone, and EVERYONE!!!

Hello! I like your GUI! I recently started to mine ETH with 18MH/s, I know its not too much but something 🙂
I have approx 4800 good shares so far. The confirmed and uncofirmed balance still 0.000000 ETH
I i mine XMR there the balance increasin in every s almost.

Though the ETH block found is 0 under my Dashboard, so maybe that is the reason. But can you tell me usually how much hours/days it took to find a block?

Hi! You have right thoughts while pool will not find the ETH block you can not receive rewards. You can see the statistic in a pool stats. Congrats, MinerGate miners found at least 3 blocks since yesterday!