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Fellow miners, we are publishing the next story of one of our users, Borys. Borys is a crypto enthusiast who believes in the future of different coins, and we believe in it too. Here is his story, don’t forget to share yours!

Hi, I would like to tell you about my experience with coins.

Since childhood, I had a hobby to collect coins, they always amazed me. However, when I found out about digital coins, my world has changed.

The first thing I learned is that there is this Bitcoin and it costs a lot. I made every effort to get this desired coin by any means. I was hunting it day and night, spending my time at faucets and other similar sites solving captcha, I tried very single way I was able to learn about, but it didn’t pay off.

I realized that I needed more information on the subject and started to read a lot, watch videos online and investigate the matter on different Bitcoin forums. I found out that you can mine cryptocurrencies with a simple computer. However, I couldn’t understand how. I gave it a try, but I didn’t succeed, as usual. On one of the discussion forums dedicated to Bitcoin I learned that it was too late to try to mine it with a home PC. They said in the forums that it could ruin my computer. This discovery was really depressing.


crptocurrency forum

Joining the Forum and learning from more experienced users can be very rewarding


However, even this didn’t stop me. After some time, I started to learn more about different alternative currencies and found MinerGate. It was about 8 months ago and that was the moment when my true experience with coins started. It was easy to use, everything was simple and clear. I liked the option of merged mining and there always were many experienced users who could answer to all my questions in the chat.

I started to explore MinerGate. I found the GUI application for my computer, downloaded it and plunged into mining. Web mining function also proved to be quite useful, my balance started to grow a bit. I was as happy as I could be. This service pushed me to the path of my development; I started to understand much more about cryptocurrencies in general and the coins I was mining in particular. I read lots of inspiring stories about people mining or buying forks and becoming rich with the price going up. I decided to follow their lead and tried to do the same.


GUI miner for coins

You can do anything on your computer and be mining at the same time


When I started, 1 BCN was worth 3 satoshi, but I believed that someday its price would grow. And the miracle happened, it went up from 3 to 30 satoshi! I was so glad my work hadn’t been useless. After that, mining became a part of my life, a habit, much more than just a hobby. Now I’m mining Bytecoin and Monero. How can we know that one of the coins from MinerGate won’t skyrocket one day, maybe even tomorrow?) That’s why my advice for everyone is to mine, mine and mine again!

It’s important to say that I didn’t have some great computing power when I began mining. I have and old laptop core I3 and my PU can’t do much. I could reach only about 30-32 h/s then. When GPU mining became available, my earnings went up significantly. Now when I have some free time and I use my computer, I launch the application and do some work while mining coins. Business combined with pleasure.


mining rig cpu

You don’t need a whole farm to be mining with us – a simple laptop is enough


I believe in this project and hope it will be working for a long time. It is different from others that close in a month. I believe that the future belongs to cryptopcurrencies.

If all of a sudden I win, I’ll be super happy and use the money to pay for my studies at the university!)

Borys decided to share his story with MinerGate and was right to do so – he was awarded 1 BTC from us. However, we are not going to stop – you can still post your story and appear on our blog. Don’t miss your chance!