For XMC miners


For XMC miners

Dear miners,

Due to the recent huge ASIC invasion on the Monero-Classic (XMC) Network, overall hashrate of the network has raised significantly. As a consequence of such hashrate increase, the network’s difficulty has also enormously raised.

After the ASIC invasion passed, all huge hashing powers were disconnected from the network and the network’s hashrate got back to normal values, however, network difficulty didn’t. By the time posting, Monero-Classic network difficulty is 1.572 T with overall Nethash of 13.102 Gh/s.

It’s assumed, that network difficulty will get back to normal later, yet until that moment it will stay higher than hashrate, so block finding process will take time.

The MinerGate team is already in touch with Monero-Classic (XMC) dev team and will keep you updated about further changes.