MinerGate Announces Partnership with Freewallet


Minergate and Freewallet partnership

MInerGate mining pool is pleased to announce a partnership with Freewallet. MinerGate has gathered the best minds to focus on developing high-end mining solutions, and we are in a constant search for new tools that will allow our miners both to earn more and to save more.

The introduction of off-chain microtransactions is a logical stride forward as this payment method is swift, safe and free even when withdrawing the smallest amount of coins.

Our partnership with Freewallet provides the following benefits:

  • Free and instant withdrawals to Freewallet
  • Free transfers between Freewallet users
  • Zero commission fee transactions within Freewallet
  • Free off-chain transactions to all existing and ongoing Freewallet business partners
  • 24/7 customer service on both ends
  • High level of security

We have thoroughly analyzed both Freewallet development timeline and provided services (including coin storage, exchange operations and payments) and consider Freewallet as a trusted service with a high potential for sustainable development.