Since downloading 8.1 both the legacy and normal versions I cannot get minergate software to continue to work on a system running 290x and rx360. The benchmark crashes and after mining for an hour or so minergate crashes. I do not have the cards overclocked and the only setting that I have changed on the cards is to speed up the fans. I do not understand what has changed in the minergate software as I have been running this same setup for mining for months and it is only now an issue with the release of the 8.1 software. I could not find another place to put in this comment so I am posting it here.

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Same problems here. It’s unstable as hell since MinerGate 8.x. It’s starts mining but stops after a couple of hours. When I use other mining software I get timeouts all the time when directed to the XMR pool.

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Hi all,

How can I set more cpu or gpu miner with new 8.1 console miner? Old settings aren’t work, I can set only 1 CPU.:(

Hello Gyula!

If you wish to configure CPU, use this:
minergate-cli -user -xmr

If it’s about GPUs use minergate-cli –list-gpu to show all available devices. To mine with particular device use this:
minergate-cli -u -g

For more information about console commands:
minergate-cli –help

Since updating to 8.1 none of my video cards are recognized by the miner for either the standard or legacy installer. They do work with the previous version but the miner credits Monero Orginal and not Monero. Help!

I tried downloading v8.1, first chrome browser blocked it as containing malware. Then I tried internet explorer- I was able to download, but my AVG antivirus removed it immediately, stating that it has malware. so I am currently running the old version v7.2

Cool, but I have a problem with installation on one PC. There was antivirus warnings since I’m using minergate gui, but now I can’t install new version at all. I have installed legacy GPU version without bigger problems on older PC (i7-920/8GB/GF 9800GT/Win10Pro x64), but I can’t install regular version on newer PC (Phenom FX-8120/8GB/RadeonFX460 8GB/Win10Pro x64).
It looks like some Win10 protection gone crazy. It says, that file cannot be run cause it’s containing a virus or potentially unwanted program.

Minergate 8.1 crashes more frequently than previous versions.
Can no longer set intensity on GPUs
Can no longer mine with all 5 available GPUs, only 4 work.

Is there a Version 7.2 that has support for the new XMR the current V7.2 only mines XMO and when I try using V8.1 it just won’t detect the GPU’s. I think a lot of people would probably appreciate it if you guys did a V7.3 with XMR and XMO mining capability for those of us with older GPU’s and are mining XMR. Since the V7.2 has been pretty stable and works fine. Instead of trying to fix compatibility issues with 8.1 on every old gpu there is, I think adding the XMR and XMO capability to the V7.2 would help a lot of users and same everyone a lot of time effort.

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