MinerGate GUI miner v8.0 released


MinerGate GUI v8 miner

Dear miners,

we’re happy to announce a release of MinerGate GUI miner v.8.0. New version available for download for Windows, Linux and Mac.


  • Fixed a representation bug that occurred when an unregistered user enabled Smart mining
  • Fixed an app crash that occasionally occurred when launching the Benchmark

New features

  • CryptoNight v7 algorithm for Monero (XMR) mining
  • Improved protection against brute force cracking

We plan several software releases, interesting partner agreements and new cryptocurrencies for mining. Stay tuned for the upcoming 8.0 Legacy GUI miner to continue mining XMR on previous generation GPUs without upgrading your hardware.


After upgrade to 8.0 not able to mine ETH on my system. Please give some solution fo that because in 7.2 I was able to mine ETH. Also XMR mining speed reduced after upgrade. Please suggest some alternate solution or release a fix for this.

how do you download latest software ? iexplorer and chrome won’t let you download it ?

You need to disable “keep me safe from harmful websites” or something like that in the chrome settings.