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Dear miners! We are proud to announce the grand opening of MinerGate! Welcome!


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Join us at MinerGate!


MinerGate is a cryptonote mining pool that has the most convenient GUI miner.

If you are new to mining, we have Smart mining function that will help you to mine the most profitable currency for the moment. If you are an experienced miner, you’ll find a wide variety of options to choose from.

If you are on vacation or going out with friends, you can activate web mining and never lose a coin.

In addition, you can join our affiliate program and make your friends mine for you)

That’s why we are the friendliest pool in the mining community!

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welcome to minergate


I cant seem to log on to my account, it keeps asking for verification code! and if the verification code is the 2-step google thingy? I may not be able to get that because the phone with which I had the google authenticator app is broken. I got another phone and downloaded google authenticator on it, but it wont work. I am really behind on my mining. please help. thanks