‘I am a miner’ project. Silver and bronze. Best stories. Part 2.


'I am a miner' project. Silver and bronze. Best articles, part 2.

Dear miners,

This is the second post dedicated to our most valued crypto enthusiasts – miners. The ‘I am a miner’  project was created to drop the veil between them and the crypto world and reveal hidden insights about the miners’ environment, wishes, goals, and dreams.

Today, we are publishing two stories that won bronze and silver medals in our competition.

Please welcome, the fascinating Bronze story from our Iranian fellow.
My Name is Saeed and I’m 27 years old from Tehran-IR.

My Name is Saeed and I'm 27 years old from Tehran-IR.

I started mining 6 years ago, I did not know what is mining or bitcoin then. I just installed a program and started to mine for the first time.

I just wanted to test mining tools but after a while, I earned about 0.5 BTC and almost instantly lost all of them in a bet!!!

After losing money, I stopped mining and deleted all programs from my computer. I can not remember, but I think it took 2 or 3 weeks to earn that.

Last year I started working on a project based on the blockchain. It’s really amazing. Besides my project, I started mining again but just for fun. One day I searched for a good CPU Miner App and I found Minergate app! It’s really amazing and I really love this.

Cause you can mine the most useful coins like Monero with the lowest fee! None of the pools does like Minergate, that’s why I started with Minergate again.

Currently, I’m mining on over 1000 CPUs with Minergate for Monero and Aeon with console app on both Windows and Linux. If you are mining with anything other than a MinerGate app, I suggest you test this program. Because I found a lot of bugs in other programs.

Here is an image of myself and my city, Tehran.”


And here goes the memoirs of one of the most distinguished mining experts. The silver medal goes to CoreTechX.

“So you want to know my story, I will share it with you. But under the condition, you keep my identity a secret. It goes back many many years when I was first asked by an acquaintance to learn how to mine bitcoin. This was way back, maybe in 2012 before bitcoin was popular or worth anything. I did not take the digital currency or the mining opportunity seriously. I was foolish when I was younger.

Regardless in early 2017 I was reminded again about the opportunity and encouraged by someone I really respect to further pursue this mining stuff. So I decided I would. I spent 1 month trying to figure out how to get my computer to mine bitcoin. I stayed up every night till the sun came up after I got home from work until I finally got my computer mining. I thought I was going to be rich when it started mining, only to realize later I might make 25 cents in the next 3 months. I built my own computer, so I decided to upgrade my video cards. At the time I remember video cards were not so pricey. It was just before everyone realized that the GTX1080Ti was good for mining. So I picked one up (should have got 2). I started mining with Minergate, actually, because it was easy to use. It was when BTC was less than 2K and all the major altcoins were less than 100$ it was when XMR was 30$-40$. So after I upgraded my computer and got it mining, I started to learn more about the process, the different networks, the different algorithms.

I have always been a tech and investment junky. When I realized that digital currencies incorporate new technology and state of the art data processing, in an investment realm, combined with information security! My brain became very excited by the thought of the data processing formula and even more excited by the networks ability to process data with the GPUs. So I researched and studied for months till I figured out how to calculate all the processing power for all the different algorithms. All while populating data from my GPU rig.

Along the way, before the 2017 bullish breakout of BTC, I learned about the Antmier S9 12.5TH miner. Back then the tech amazed me by its ability to process so much more data than the hardware available at the time. Back then in the spring of 2017, it was 1250 USD and it made 1 or 2 bitcoin year. It didn’t sound like a good investment at the time so I waited and researched more. Then the breakout and price of all the hardware jumped through the roof.

In October and November 2017 the S9s went on sale briefly and some guy that I met told me he could get me some for a good price. He asked me for deposits for them. So I got him deposits for 20 of them, a few for me and a few for some of my friends. He was more foolish than me when I was younger. He tried to disappear with all the money. I’m sure he ordered the units got them and sold them to someone else for more. Then tried to screw me and my friends out of our money. I was foolish for trusting him in the first place. Just because someone looks like they got money, doesn’t mean they got integrity. With that said it took me 5 minutes and my phone to find everything about the guy and when my friends found out what he tried to do they were not happy. Long story short one of his loved ones opted to help him out and settle everything peacefully by returning what he took and dealing with him on his own. After everything was resolved peacefully (Thank God), the mission to get the S9 continued until finally, they arrived.

June 2018. Excited to see how the miners run I plugged them in, only to realize they need to run on 220v 50hz, not 120v 60hz. So I go get voltage converters. Turn it on and it sounds like an industrial grade vacuum cleaner. I sort of anticipated the noise from the youtube videos. So I head to the stores and the web to buy parts to build a soundproof vented cabinet to store the miners. Worked many long nights to build it, used steel cabinets drilled holes used fireproof soundproof insulation and lots of tapes and other material! Finally got it built turned on everything and let it run for 1 day. I woke up that afternoon and it was a sauna in my place. I failed to plan accordingly for the heat production. So I went to the store to buy ductwork, to vent the heat right out of my place! What started off as a soundproof vented storage cabinet evolved into something that looks more like a spaceship. The most ridiculous looking spaceship but it works! But it cost more money then it generates at first. Along the way, I learned about the temps of the chips and the frequencies they run at, the power they consume and how much data they process. Most importantly I learned how to optimize the frequencies, how to adjust their power consumption and how to reduce the power consumption. Now all I need to build is a generator and I’m good to go! Almost got that figured out too, probably going to use an alternator and a motor with a battery pack and a charge controller board.

Albert Einstein once said the only thing better than knowledge is imagination. I have a wild imagination and I dream up ideas and try to bring them to life. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes its bad. Knowledge is power and information changes situations. The more you learn the better you can do. Thank God for all his blessings and for helping me bring my dream to life, although it’s not done yet and although it may not seem great yet, I suspect one day all the hard work will pay off.

So what’s the difference between the investor and the miner? I do both personally, each come with pros and cons and with the knowledge to gain and challenges to overcome. Without the knowledge and research first, it will be tough to do either of them at a high level. But after doing both I could tell you that doing them alongside each other is one of the secrets to succeeding. I can live with trying and failing, but I can’t live with not trying and not knowing if I could have done it. I do not do what I do for public recognition. I do it so I can develop my knowledge, so I can be a part of the technological advancement of the world’s financial system. So that I can help teach others about what I have learned. So that one day I can help the people I work with, build something bigger that helps us all and changes the world for the better.”

We’d like to thank all participants for sharing your personal experience with MinerGate, tomorrow we’ll reveal the winner (or winners).  By the way, MinerGate is almost ready to announce the #iamaminer flashmob that starts on Monday. We invited representatives of large crypto companies to share their opinions and to be our jury. All #Iamaminer participants will receive perks and gifts from MinerGate team, and the winners will receive cash prizes. Follow us on Twitter and you won’t miss big news.