Interview with the Winners of #iamaminer contest


Interview with the Winners of #iamaminer contest

So, first things first, congratulations! We are very grateful for your continued loyalty in using MinerGate and we are so happy we can reward you in this way. Well done in the contest.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from, what are your interests (besides mining of course)?

Marcofurlanetto: Hello there, thanks for your compliments. The flashmob was funny and I hope you will organize new ones. Well, my name is Marco Furlanetto and I’m Italian. I’m interested in digital media and computer graphics -with a particular focus on 3D arts- and that’s why I have always been passionate about technological innovations and their impact on the world.

YoungMoneyYMC: Greetings Dear MinerGate. First of all, I want to give a big thank you to all of you at the MinerGate Headquarters, I never believed that I could make it to the list of winners but, beyond my wildest dreams, the jury selected me. I AM VERY GRATEFUL!

My name is Obinna Odoh and I am a graduate of Electronic & Telecommunications Engineering from the Kaduna State Polytechnic Institute. I also studied Java Programming at the National Institute Of Technology in Kaduna, Nigeria. I have a professional knowledge of computers and the internet. I learned FOREX Trading in 2009 and I traded for quite an amount of time before I stopped and focused on other things but with the coming of Crypto, I got back into trading again.

I really love mining because of its capacity to serve as a source of passive daily income and get you actively involved in blockchain technology so you can appreciate what it is and how it can liberate mankind. But apart from mining, I love to trade crypto (twice or 4 times a week) and I like conducting seminars/workshops teaching people about blockchain and cryptocurrency especially here in Africa where education is a problem but the people want to learn so that they can change and better their lives.

How did you first get involved in cryptocurrency and then mining?

Marcofurlanetto: Initially I was simply a little bit curious about it, I guess. But later, the capabilities inherent in the concept of bitcoin (expressed through the blockchain itself) completely caught my attention. I started reading books in order to better understand the topic and, having discovered the concept of mining, I decided to conduct my first “fieldwork” with a friend of mine. So we built our own small mining rig. Minergate was the only easy access portal for beginners like us.

YoungMoneyYMC: Around October 2016, I was a Banker then, a client of mine introduced me to a popular ponzi scheme called “MMM”. It was a donation program where you receive 30% of whatever you contribute in 30 days but if you contribute in Bitcoin, you will receive 50% in the same 30 days. So I decided to start using Bitcoin but I never really gave it much thought, in terms of how it works and what it’s really all about. However, about 3 weeks later I got laid off from work and started searching for jobs without making much headway so I finally decided to do some serious research into Bitcoin and how people make a living from it and from that day on, I’ve never looked back. I started investing the little I had into Bitcoin and other currencies. I got into mining as a result of not having enough savings from my previous job and became a serious believer in Bitcoin.

What has changed in the mining community since you’ve gotten involved?

Marcofurlanetto: There’s been an exaggerated increase in terms of the difficulty of generating new blocks. However, I’ve also read that the whole community is trying to solve the technical problems related to mining. New ethical and technological solutions have been already in place for a while and I think better ones are going to come at some point.

YoungMoneyYMC: I really don’t think anything has changed, other than the mining difficulty has continued to grow in-spite of the bearish situation we are in right now.

What is the best part of being a miner? What is the worst?

Marcofurlanetto: The best is the pride you feel knowing that your PC is keeping the blockchain alive and the blank looks you get from people who don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. The worst aspect is the same thing: people do not know what you’re talking about…

YoungMoneyYMC: The best part of being a miner is that you help in building the world even without people knowing who you are or how you do it. You make easy money while helping advance financial innovation. People see you and they don’t even know what you do for a living.

The worst part of being a miner is losing your equipment to thieves or not being able to foot the bill that comes with mining at the moment.

If you were the CEO of MinerGate what would you change at the company?

Marcofurlanetto: I’m not sure what to change. If I suddenly became the CEO I would probably ask other MinerGate users that question.

YoungMoneyYMC: If I were the CEO of MinerGate, I would create a sponsorship program catered to individuals who want to promote MinerGate mining systems by conducting seminars/workshops, especially in third world countries where in some cases over 85% of young people are unemployed and yet they have access to the internet.

Do you have a hero or someone you look up to (related or unrelated to cryptocurrency)?

Marcofurlanetto: Honestly, I don’t. I noticed there are so many voices out there on the web, some authoritative some not so much. But still, all with equal dignity. It is a relatively new world and we should build it up democratically, even if that means foregoing the stability of established order for the unknowns of egalitarianism. Anyhow, I follow with interest the developments that the blockchain could have in the world of entertainment and information.

YoungMoneyYMC: Firstly, I look up to God for his mercies, Blessings, and wisdom and then I also look up to Jason Dekker (The CEO of GoChain), He has done what a lot of people are still just talking about doing.

Where do you see mining progressing to in 5 years?

Marcofurlanetto: In the next 5 years I see a more clear and regulated community in the world of cryptocurrencies, especially regarding official regulations. I also believe, at least for some cryptocurrencies, mining will become decisive and will introduce new concepts of sustainability. Maybe videogames will play a big role too.

YoungMoneyYMC: In five years time from now, I would love to see mining at a stage where people could mine via their Smart TV sets and satellite receivers while they are watching tv. I also wish MinerGate would build an Android TV Box that mines while I watch movies or play my games on the Box.

Once again I want to thank MinerGate for changing my life positively, I will tell my unborn children how MinerGate contributed to my life success! Thank you MinerGate!!!

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Bitmain produced a new feature … then the market fell.
This happens whenever a bitmain produces a new system for extraction.

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