Introducing the winners of the #iamaminer Flashmob Contest


Winners of the #iamaminer Flashmob Contest

As we previously announced, the #iamaminer flashmob contest came to a close on Friday, October 26th. We would like to once again thank everyone who participated. The results were impressive and we are proud to have helped miners share their stories with the world. Your tweets and memes have been insightful and funny and inspiring. We are as always, grateful for such a user base and such a deep and wide-ranging community.

Who won?

Tweet by @YoungMoneyYMCAfter thoughtful consideration and deliberation by our jury, they have selected two grand prize winners. The first winner, in the #mamaimaminer category, was @YoungMoneyYMC. The goal of this category was to come up with the best tweet that would explain why you are a miner or shed some light on the mining experience.

Humor, of course, was welcome. The second winner, in the #mememining category, was @marcofurlanetto. The goal of this category was to design the best mining meme possible. After a heated discussion, our jury finally came to an agreement. It wasn’t simple and we had to choose between people who have quite a sense of humor but @marcofurlanetto was undefeated. He presented a meme about Winston Churchill which conquered the hearts and minds of our judges. Here’s the whole series of memes by @marcofurlanetto:

Tweet by @marcofurlanetto

Tweet by @marcofurlanetto

Tweet by @marcofurlanetto

Tweet by @marcofurlanetto

Tweet by @marcofurlanetto


Tweet by @marcofurlanettoTweet by @marcofurlanetto







The competition was fierce in both of these categories so it wasn’t an easy choice for our jury. The #mamaimaminer winner will get $1000 in winnings and the #mememining winner will get $500.

What about commission-free mining?

But, that’s not it. As promised, everyone who took part in the contest is eligible for two weeks of fee-free mining. All you have to do is log in to your account at MinerGate, go to your dashboard, and enter the link to your tweet as a promo code. After you submit the link you’ll be granted two weeks of commissionless mining. This offer only lasts for two weeks so make sure you activate it right away! And although the deadline for submissions in our contest was 5 PM GMT on October 26th, we are also grateful to the people who posted a little late and therefore we are amending the eligibility rule for fee-free mining. Anyone who posted as part of #iamaminer before this blog post was published is now eligible for 2 weeks of fee-free mining.

What’s next?

Fee-free mining for those who took part in the contest will last for the next two weeks. We have had a great time with this contest and the previous poll we did. We hope that everyone enjoys their prizes and we are looking at different ways to bring the community together and reward our loyal users in the future. Stay tuned for our future plans!