Lumi Wallet with EOS support released


The MinerGate team is glad to inform you, that our strategic partner – Lumi Wallet – have released the first version of the updated Lumi Wallet App with the support of EOS cryptocurrency. This project become possible thanks to the close cooperation of MinerGate and Lumi Wallet developers teams.

In the first version of the updated wallet, there are some basic key features implemented, including:

  • Keys import – you can easily migrate your existing EOS account to the Lumi Wallet;
  • Send and receive transactions;
  • Transactions history.

Support of the EOS ecosystem within the Lumi Wallet is a bold and important step for the further development of both Lumi Wallet and MinerGate projects. As it was earlier announced, this partnership is aimed at the creation of the smooth EOS-based ecosystem, built around MinerGate’s groundworks in developing high-load infrastructures.

Lumi Wallet from this point of view is about to become a vital part of the upcoming ecosystem, being the main Wallet to operate EOS within it. Such outsourcing of wallet development allowing MinerGate to focus on its substantive expertise – developing and maintaining high-load bulletproof infrastructures.

Try the updated Lumi Wallet with EOS support added – visit, download the app and start discovering the EOS ecosystem in a new way.