MinerGate becomes NiceHash friendly


MinerGate becomes NiceHash friendly

Dear miners,
We’re glad to inform you that MinerGate multicurrency mining pool is now compatible with NiceHash. Through NiceHash Miner GUI software, users can sell the computing power of their CPUs, GPUs, ASICs and rig farms, to buyers who use it to mine with larger pools.

To benefit from this feature, MinerGate users simply need to pass the NiceHash registration, deposit the desired amount of BTC, select MinerGate as the hash power’s destination, set the bid or fixed price for mining, and place a new order.

With NiceHash now you can buy hashing power of various ASIC-owners and connect it to MinerGate’s pools for different cryptos. NiceHash is compatible with all existing MinerGate pools for each protocol: Scrypt (LTC), DaggerHashimoto (ETH, ETC), EquiHash (ZEC, BTG), CryptoNightV7 (XMR, XDN) and CryptoNight (BCN, XMO, FCN).

This is a smooth and simple way for new miners to get into the game. We’re continuously developing our services to fit the latest technology world trends and provide you with the best crypto-mining solutions.

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