GUI Miner v.5.0 release


Good news everyone! New GUI miner is coming.

MinerGate has released the brand new version Minergate GUI Miner (v.5.0) with Smart Mining option.

What is smart mining? Does it make my miner better?

It sure does. Smart mining mines the currency with the highest exchange rate during the last hour. If you hesitate what coin to choose, it will do it for you.


GUI miner

This is how our miner with activated smart mining looks


Do I need o check it all the time?

No, it is so smart that if the profit-leader changes, the application starts mining new currency.

What else do I get?

Merged mining is now smart too. It makes your mining more profitable.

Download the latest version suitable for your system and start Smart Mining.

P.S. Find out your potential income using our Mining profitability calculator.


I see GPU mining is Not Available.
I’m using AMD GPU which is not available, is there any plan so AMD user can use this miner software?