MinerGate GUI miner V.7.0: a new generation of intelligent mining


MinerGate, the largest and one of the oldest multi-currency mining pools, announces a release of new 7.0 version of MinerGate GUI miner. Starting Tuesday, 17 October users around the world can update their application and profit from the new features brought by the, major update to the world’s most advanced mining multi pool, including augmented features for the miners and new professional capabilities to improve mining process.

MinerGate becomes more powerful

Mining algorithm was updated and optimized for more effective mining, which resulted in hashrate increase for such a popular coins as Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

MinerGate CEO Claude Lecomte states: “Day by day we are receiving more and more collaboration requests from the international mining farms. Today I can state MinerGate is ready to welcome them to our huge mining family and make sure  they will perform at excellent hashrate receiving unique service and support, which will definitely result in exceptional profit”.

MinerGate welcomes newcomers

The list of hardware for GPU mining has been expanded by adding the latest CUDA supported NVIDIA graphic cards.

MinerGate fixes technical issues

The MinerGate team developed an advanced way of analyzing the information about the hardware issues that could take place while mining in each particular case. This option is available in the GUI miner V.7.0 and is aimed at helping detect the cause of any possible issue that could affect the mining process so it will be easier to stick to the right settings and take full advantage of the hardware one is using.

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D’like to know how to mine bitcoin gold on my several macs. Does miner gate can help?

Sorry for my english cos I’m a bloody froggie from france

What is new in Version 7.0 ? I am using 6.9 on 80 workers to mine Monero , it will be hectic activity for me to update all workers?

Hello Remy! MinerGate did not take any tests with Intel pentium processor. Better you could try yourself and tell us the results. Thank you!

How to use the other pools feature in minergate? I cant seem to get the login field right. How to separate the username & password in the input area?

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