MinerGate GUI miner v.8.3 released


MinerGate GYU Miner v8.3 released

Dear miners!

We’ve done a big work on improving our GUI miner’s stability and performance, and now we’re glad to announce a release of MinerGate GUI miner v.8.3. The latest version of our mining software is available for download for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Bug fixes

  • We’ve made many performance improvements. Most of them affected different compatibility issues & expanded the number of supported GPUs.

Hard forks support

  • MinerGate has successfully supported recent hard forks of ZCash and Aeon. We’ve updated the GUI miner’s code to fit the new network specs and enable mining of ZEC and AEON.

Here in MinerGate we’re continuously improving our software’s performance to make mining easy-to-start and more profitable for you. Stay tuned for our further updates with added mining of BTG and updated versions of Console and Legacy miners.


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I use Minergate in a Mac Pro 2012 with a Quadro K5000; however, never work the GPU function even tho I have the latest Cuya installed. Can you help me with that please?

Hello, Ricardo.

Please, contact our support – support@minergate.com.

In your request please specify your full system preferences, OS version, and version of the used software.

Hello, Peter.

Our software may be detected as a virus by some antivirus programs. It often happens with mining software, because it requires access to hardware on your PC. The solution here is to disable the antivirus while installing MinerGate or to add it to the list of exceptions.

O problema que até o chrome e no mozilla não deixam baixar. Já indicando como arquivo que pode danificar o pc.
Isso mesmo com anti-vírus desabilitado. Tá dificil de fazer está atualização.

Hello, Rei.

Mining of Bitcoin Gold is currently unavailable in GUI miner due to BTG network update. The release of the GUI miner’s version with added after-fork BTG mining will take place soon.

Добрый день,не могу вывести DASH со своего счета,не принимает ни один адрес,пишет что адрес не действителен для DASH. Как быть

Minergate won’t open. I’ve tried all versions from 6.2 and up. Antivirus and Windows Defender has been disabled.

Computer Specs:

Windows 10 build 1803, 64 bit
MSI H110-M Gaming Motherboard: Socket LGA1151
1x8gb Patriot Viper Ram
Intel Core i5 7400
AMD RX 460 4gb

Hello, Mikhail.

Please, contact our support – support@minergate.com. In your ticket, please describe the issue in details, specify your system preferences and hardware characteristics.

la versión 8.3 la probé y el contador de tiempo se queda estático. no actualiza el la velocidad de h/s tuve que regresar a versión 8.1 espero que verifique.

Hola, Alejandro.

Por favor, póngase en contacto con nuestro servicio de soporte – support@minergate.com.
En su solicitud, especifique las preferencias de su sistema y las especificaciones de hardware.

MinerGate GUI mineur v8.3 much more stable, and bug-free for the moment.
uses PC and Android version.
The version under Android is just perfect, what must, as necessary.

Rating: 5