MinerGate is going to support Monero (XMR) hard fork


MinerGate is going to support Monero (XMR) hard fork

Dear miners,

MinerGate team is glad to inform you that we intend to support the upcoming hard fork of the Monero (XMR) network. Scheduled on the block height of 1685555, the approximate date of the network update is October 18, 2018.

There are three major changes in the Monero protocol:

  1. A new form of range proofs, called Bulletproof, replacing old Borromean range proofs and significantly reducing both transactions size and fees (by approximately 80%);
  2. A PoW tweak to be implemented to curb any potential threat of ASICs and further preserve ASIC resistance;
  3. The minimum ring size of the ring signature is increased to 11 and will be static/fixed from now on.

The MinerGate team is ready to support these changes, like it was with the previous Monero (XMR) hard fork in April 2018. To continue mining XMR with MinerGate Monero mining pool on the newly updated blockchain, you will need to update your stable version of the mining software (not xFast Beta yet). The goal of our team is to provide users with a solid working solution to continue mining Monero after the fork, and the new XMR mining will be supported on the xFast versions soon.


You have formatted your cell phone and lost the two-factor Google Authenticator (2F). I recovered my cell phone but lost the synchronization with Minergate in the Google authenticator.
How can you help me to eliminate it or recover it?

XMR console miner still not updated i can’t mine with ubuntu console miner. it’s getting invalid share. how can i mine?

Descargue la Consola Fast para XMO pero no funciona, falta hacer algo? venía minando hasta diciembre sin problemas pero ya no.
Se ve esto en la consola:
Client: running
CPU (2 threads): running
[2019-01-14 10:06:28] Diff: 18446744073709551615 CPU/GPU: 0.0 H/s / 0.0 H/s acce
pted/bad 0/0

Hola Mauricio

Por favor, póngase en contacto con nuestro servicio de soporte – support@minergate.com. En su solicitud, especifique su configuración de hardware y sistema operativo.

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