MinerGate mining pool pitches upon off-chain transactions


MinerGate mining pool pitches upon off-chain transactions

MinerGate mining pool is going off-chain, outsourcing their withdrawal infrastructure in order to focus solely on their core business, which is mining.

The adoption of off-chain microtransaction technology will modernize the company’s service, introducing fast, free, and easy transaction execution.

Users will benefit from new features:

  • Free and instant withdrawals to your automatically created Freewallet account
  • Free and easy transfers between Freewallet users: send any coin free of charge, using just the receiver’s email address — no cumbersome crypto address necessary
  • Build-in exchange for all 25 supported cryptocurrencies. You don’t need any additional exchanges to convert your funds from one currency to another – Freewallet got this option out-of-box
  • 24/7 customer service from both Minergate and Freewallet
  • Higher security level: Freewallet applies extra security measures including 2FA, hot and cold wallet separation, daily and weekly limits, as well as multisignature confirmation for each transaction.
  • 50% lower minimum withdrawal limit, as a bonus for users withdrawing in microtransactions

These improvements are possible thanks to Minergate’s partnership with Freewallet, the crypto wallet company that will take over storage and withdrawal functions for Minergate’s users. This partnership is the result of months of hard work from the Minergate team, who were set on finding a collaborator that could fulfil the security and quality requirements, which Minergate customers have grown to expect. The off-chain mechanism had a soft launch back in December 2017. It was only after a successful 8-month-long trial run — which included tests and focus groups — Minergate has finally greenlit the new format.

“We believe any service is better when conducted by experts”, says the team, adding, “Minergate specializes in mining, so we feel we are doing right by our customers in relaying the external tasks of storage and withdrawal over to a company that specializes in the field. Freewallet is a reliable service with high potential for sustainable development. Our partnership will ensure that our users get the quality and efficiency they deserve.”

Freewallet is a mobile-first, easy-use family of wallets, each specifically tailored for one of 25 cryptocurrencies. With this new partnership, Minergate’s 3,498,960 users will continue enjoying the same high-quality merged-mining service, with 99.97% uptime, withdrawal amounts starting from 0.01 coin, and convenient smart mining feature.

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Dear MinerGate Team
Sorry for asking you such a popular question, but what about android mobile mining app, do yo have a plan to relounch it? Many newcomers like me, and not only them, could be very very unhappy if the app will work jus like =infofmer=