MinerGate Mining Tip – #17


17th Mining Tip

There are two major ways to effectively mine altcoins: connect to a mining pool or buy a cloud mining contract. As far as cloud mining demands some additional investments (mostly in BTC, which, let’s say, we don’t have at the start), the most obvious option is joining a mining pool.

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so the effective way to mine altcoins is to buy a cloud mining contract to mine BTC?

does anyone even read any of these “#MinerGateMiningTips” before posting them online anymore?

this isn’t a tip, this is just a confusing paragraph that sounds more like the inner monologue of a confused miner’s mind hard at work. No minering tip seen yet

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Hello, Ho.

It looks like you’ve misunderstood the text of this tip. BTC is mentioned here only as a payment method for cloud mining contracts.

The situation is, that most of cloud mining services accepting only cryptocurrencies as a payment method, and if we talk about mining novices – most likely the one who just start exploring the cryptoworld will not have some free BTCs, ETHs or any other coins to pay the cloud contract. That’s why we kindly advising crypto-newcomers to start with mining pools.