MinerGate Mining Tip – #18


Mining Tip #18 - choosing mining GPU

When you choose a mining GPU you should always take into account the memory offered by the GPU as well as your energy needs and costs. Try to mitigate your initial costs to maximize your profits and start making your initial investment as soon as possible.


yeah okkk, people don’t read or research this information themselves anymore, everyone just wants someone to tell them everything they need to do and buy. Sometimes makes me wonder if reading has been declared illegal or da googles doesn’t work when your go to Bing to get to Google. Like it’s easier asking 300 hundred noob questions from other people online than it is reading basic information about anything anymore that’s of interest to someone that’s wanting to get into this stuff

It’s sad but true.

For most of the people, it’s easier to ask an exact question and they want to receive a fast and exact answer. That’s why researchers are saying, that today the “searching” skill is much more valuable than “remembering” and even “learning”. It’s awful, but that’s where and when we live.

From our side, here in MinerGate we can only provide people what they want – such short yet useful tips for novices.