First CryptoNote Mobile Miner


Hello miners!

Today we present you MinerGate mobile miner for Android. Make your smartphone a portable mining rig!

The whole thing wasn’t done by our developers, but by your fellow miner forstore who sent us the software to participate in the API contest. We were so impressed and inspired by his work that we decided to ask our designers for help and add the GUI realization of the mobile miner.

The result is now for you to judge, download the file here and test the app for yourselves.

mobile miner

Here are the options available:

  • log in to your MinerGate account
  • choose the currency to mine by clicking on the coin’s name
  • start mining

start mining

  • check the balance in the mobile wallet. You can also see which currencies you are currently mining with your desktop and mobile applications


  • customize your mobile mining experience


  • Here are the options in the Settings menu:
  1. Thread Count. If you want the miner to use more or less of your phone’s power, just set the desired number of threads.
  2. Only when Charging. Turn this option on if you want the miner to work only when you are charging your phone. This can be used during your nighttime or when you are spending a lot of time in the office. Just plug in your phone and let it earn you some crypto coins.
  3. Mine on low battery. Carpe diem – if you want to get every share you possibly can with your phone even if it means getting your battery low, just turn on this option. When it’s turned off, the mining will stop when the battery charge goes down to 20%.
  4. Use Mobile Data. Want to mine on the go? Turn on mining with mobile data when you are having a couple of drinks with your friends or enjoying a peaceful weekend in the countryside.

Our team hopes that you will enjoy this beta version of the mobile miner. We are willing to get your feedback and suggestions, please let us know what you think at



Hi. I have just installed your app on my linux pc and all my mobile devices. I have a Xiaomi tablet with the NVIDIA K1 chip, with 192 gpu (CUDA) cores. Unfortunately, the app does not allow for gpu mining on mobile devices. could you guys add this feature in the Future? I also notice that I cannot my mine on my NVIDIA Quadro 600 after I ran the benchmark, but it was mining before that.

Rating: 5

Hello! Unfortunately, we are not planning to support it at the moment.
Restarting the system may help in this case, especially if you’ve been mining Ethereum. If it doesn’t help, please consider contacting our support team at

Why don’t you offer legacy versions of this app? I think it would be nice to be able to download all earlier version of this app at our leisure.