MinerGate mobile: top improvements


MinerGate team has been working on multiple updates for our mobile application to make it a must-have item on your smart phone. We’ve come a long way and are excited to share our improvements with you. Get the app now if you don’t have it yet and follow along!

Increased profits from the same mobile device

We have greatly optimized the app’s mining performance, bringing you up to double the speed and profit from the same mobile device. Now your phone could compete even with some laptop models! Once you start mining, you can choose the number of cores in the settings or set the desired intensity on the mining screen to get the most profit.

Cloud mining

minergate mobile cloud


Bitcoin mining requires special high-end hardware and complicated settings, traditional mining of BTC on a mobile device would dramatically drain resources of the phone and bring zero profit. MinerGate is meeting our clients’ needs by adding Bitcoin cloud mining option to our mobile application.

To create a contract, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the menu Cloud mining
  2. Choose the tab Buy
  3. Enter the amount of BTC you want to spend or drag the slider to choose the amount of hashing power
  4. Click Buy
  5. Send the required amount of BTC to the generated address
  6. As soon as we receive your payment, the contract will be created. Note that it becomes active from midnight on the day you’ve ordered it and first earnings are credited about 36-40 hours after that.

You can withdraw mined Bitcoins from the Dashboard as any other coin.

Calculator & rates

minergate mobile calculator


Calculator enables you to estimate the approximate amount of coins your device would be able to generate within 1 hour, day or week with a certain hashrate. Just enter the hashrate you want to check and scroll down to see the numbers for various coins. Bitcoin, US Dollar and Euro are available for estimation. Note that we give you a rough evaluation, based on the conditions at the time of the calculation. They may change and the amount can vary. If you see a star next to the coin’s name, it means that this currency is the most profitable to mine at the given moment.


minergate mobile rates

Rates are a convenient tool to check the latest price trends for coins available at MinerGate. You can see the current price for a coin in BTC, USD and EUR as well as the week’s price charts. A must-have option for those who cherish every second when dealing with their finance.

Withdrawals and withdrawal history

Withdrawal mobile

Withdrawals from the application are one of the long-awaited features of our mobile miner. If you are away from PC and a coin’s rate is perfect for exchange, just manage the payout from the app. The process is the same as in the dashboard: click Withdraw, choose the amount you want to withdraw and insert wallet address or scan QR code. We’ve also introduced PIN code for increased security – just enter it to approve the payout and you’re all set!

A couple of tips: you can choose whether to include or exclude fee from the withdrawal. If you include it, the fee will be deducted from the amount of withdrawal, which is convenient in case you want to withdraw the whole balance. If you exclude fee, it will be withdrawn from the account balance.
Some coins require a payment ID, it depends on the service where you withdraw them. If your exchange requires a payment ID, please be sure to include it, otherwise, your coins may be lost. In other cases, you can ignore this field.


Dashboard at your fingertips

Your full balance stats are now available in the menu Dashboard right within the app. You can check the amount of coins left until your balance moves to confirmed, the number of workers and hashrate for coins. It is vital if you don’t have immediate access to your rigs and need to monitor them in real time.

Push notifications

mobile push





Tracking your workers is essential for a miner. Dashboard already helps you with that, but we move it even further by introducing push notifications. Now if the number of your workers has changed, we will send you an alert, enabling you to react as quickly as possible if needed. You can set up the notifications in the Settings menu. More notifications are on the way to help you keep up with your MinerGate account.


Community chat

mobile app chat

We know that many of our clients enjoy communicating in MinerGate chat as much as mining with us. We’ve got good news: now you can access the chat from our mobile miner! All 12 language rooms are available along with the same functions as in the desktop version. Now you won’t miss a conversation with your peers and will be able to ask a question whenever you have one.

New languages integration

We have introduced 5 more languages apart from English to make our app more convenient and comprehensible for our clients who speak Portuguese, Hindi, Russian and Chinese (both traditional and simplified characters featured). We are constantly looking for more languages to introduce, so if you would like to see your language in MinerGate mobile miner or even consider helping us with the translation, do not hesitate to contact us at contact@minergate.com.


minergate mobile menu

If you want to suggest a new feature or ask a question, our support is there for you. Just go to Support in the menu and submit your question. Our customer care agents will review your request and provide help as fast as possible.

We hope you are already enjoying our software and will be even more excited to use it after learning more from this post. If you don’t have it yet, here is the link!