MinerGate partners with Freewallet to deliver an easy free withdrawal method


MinerGate, one of the leading cryptocurrency pools that has been successfully operating since early 2014, partners with Freewallet, a cryptowallet developer supporting all the most popular cryptocurrencies. The result of their collaboration is a new feature allowing users to easily and promptly withdraw mined coins to a Freewallet address linked to their email.

Freewallet is offering a variety of options to manage the mined coins through their trending Multi Wallet app. In addition to receiving coins with no commission, Freewallet users can take advantage of instant off-chain transfers among Freewallet addresses at zero cost. Another handy feature is smart transactions, the integrated exchange of one cryptocurrency to another.

MinerGate CEO Claude Lecomte:

“We strive to offer our users convenient and time-saving solutions, and that’s, by all means, one of those. No need to choose among multiple features or spend time on setting up a wallet on a side service: withdrawing the mined coins to a dedicated multi-asset wallet is a quick and convenient way to receive your earnings.”

Alvin Hagg, Freewallet co-founder:

“Secure API and seamless integration of our services are the backbones of this feature. We’re looking forward to welcoming MinerGate users by providing a fast and reliable tool for managing their cryptocurrency assets.”

MinerGate users can now send their confirmed balance to a dedicated wallet of a corresponding coin with just a couple of clicks straight from their profile. Upon entering an email address, a new wallet where the coins are delivered to is created instantly. Miners are emailed with the details of their transaction and instructed how to access their freshly created wallet. To ensure additional security, a strong password must be generated for the new wallet first; the information is sent via encrypted channels and can be only be accessed by the wallet owner.