MinerGate releases GUI miner to support upcoming Monero hardfork


MinerGate releases GUI miner to support upcoming Monero hardfork

Our Monero (XMR) mining pool is already set up to support the upcoming Monero hardfork with our recently released GUI miner for Windows. Please update your software to continue mining Monero. In the meantime, we will be testing other versions to make sure you get the smoothest and safest XMR mining experience.

We are very grateful for your patience and support, and to thank you for that we have decided to cancel all pool fees for the next week. You can enjoy commission-free mining for 7 days, starting from the 18th of October, on all coins mineable within our pool.

The Minergate team will inform you of the software update as soon as it becomes available. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit to keep up with the latest and most important news.

Thank you for your support,
MinerGate team.

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Could you tell when the linux and the mac version will be available?
I find this situation very unprofessional for your part since the fork has been perfectly announced with plenty of time
Our rigs are stoped because of that

Will i get the new coins of equal amount that are there in my minning dashboard? I am minning monero on minergate.

Rating: 4

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