Good to see Doge on here, for some reason it’s still a strong currency even though its under a penny. I would love to see ETN here as well, since it’s based off Monero maybe it could be merged. I would move all of my rigs over to Minergate day 1.

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Oh very good i like you bring new coins into mining a specialy after so many pools for doge closed im looking urgent for one to mine in it and on it

I can’t wait for dogecoin to be mineable, are there infromations for what the minimal withdrawal will be and when will it be implemented?

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Hello Obsiter,
We are working on it. As soon as Dogecoin will be implemented, we will make an annunciation on our platform. Thank you for your interest

Hello, Thank you so much for your interest. Tokens will be available in the 1st quarter of 2018. We will inform you as soon as it will be implemented