MinerGate xFast – mining engine updated


MinerGate Xfast - mining engine updated

Dear miners,

We are glad to introduce the Beta version of MinerGate xFast CLI Miner, which underwent a serious upgrade to provide higher performance to MinerGate users.

Updated mining engine is the next step forward to provide our users with the best possible mining experience, promoting its future mass adoption. With this improved codebase, we aim to exceed the current benchmarks of computation speed for MinerGate’s clients’ devices. Combined with existing MinerGate Pro merged mining pool for ASIC miners, this new updated engine provides users with an ultimately increased hashrates.

For the updated mining codebase, MinerGate’s internal benchmarks have indicated the following performance improvements:

  • Up to 20% higher hashrate for CryptoNote/CryptoNight-based coins (XMR, XMO, BCN, FCN, XDN, AEONcompared to the open-source solutions*;
  • Up to 100% higher hashrate for CryptoNight-based coins (XMO, BCN, FCNmining on legacy hardware compared to our previous version.

We are pleased to invite you to test the Beta-version of MinerGate’s updated mining engine and enjoy the new mining experience with higher performance. This testing period is also an opportunity for you to contribute to the stability of MinerGate xFast and speed up the further developments. Feel free to share your feedback in our blog and on the forum.

A Beta version of the updated xFast Mining Engine is currently available only for CLI Mining software. After all tests, with the next version’s release, we will provide you with a more easy-to-use GUI mining solution.

Our support service is ready to help you in case any questions appear. Feel free to contact us 24/7 – support@minergate.com

*XMRig CPU miner v.2.6.4, XMRig NVidia GPU miner (CUDA 9) v.2.7.0, XMRig NVidia GPU miner (CUDA 8) v.2.7.0, XMRig AMD GPU miner v.2.7.3, XMR-stak v.2.4.7

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Hello Daniel.

There’s no installation for Ubuntu version – you should launch terminal, switch to the folder where you have saved and unzipped miner and start it via terminal command. Like:
cd YourUnzippedMinerFolder
sudo chmod +x minergate-cli.bin

On ubuntu 18 its very easy..

Open terminal…

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install ocl-icd-opencl-dev
sudo apt-get install unzip
sudo wget https://minergate.com/download/xfast-ubuntu-cli -O minergate-cli.zip
sudo unzip minergate-cli.zip
sudo mv MinerGateX-cli-1.0-amd64/minergate-cli /root && sudo rm minergate-cli.zip && sudo rm -r MinerGateX-cli-1.0-amd64
sudo apt-get install tmux (optional)
tmux (optional)
./minergate-cli -u (ur username –xmr (cpu treaths 1,2,3,4….)

Tmux is optional.. Is let ur miner running even when u are not on terminal any more.. Normaly the miner closes when u close the terminal…

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I’d really like to try out the new miner software, but can’t get it to work. None of the commands from the previous Minergate cmdline miners work on the new one. Or at least not enough of them to get it up and running. The download also comes with no documentation what so ever. I know this is beta, but still…

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prueba con esta configuracion a mi me funciona
minergate-cli –user (tu correo de minergate) –xmr 2

Yea minergate really needs to have a decent readme/ manual with all the possible commands etc… so people can actually make use of it, he’ll ill write one up for ya even if minergate can’t just so people that don’t see any commands except a basic syntax to start the miner would be able to actually have some (any) form of documentation

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Hello SoloStiX,

Commands in CLI miner are all quite simple. To find out all needed arguments and syntax user can type --help or just -h.

Thanks for the quick reply but Nope, when you run –help or -h the documentation/examples are scarce, there is an “awful” lot missing, It would be an awesome miner I figured everything about but noobs might not (theyll get irritated and go back to the GUI lol) q=| it’s an awesome miner im using it to CPU mine while i dstm mine zec, using 2/4 cores with ParkControl app on win10 pro it’s awesome, the latest insider fast build update is a bust but the rest is gravy q=]

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There’s no installation for Ubuntu version – you should launch terminal, switch to the folder where you have saved and unzipped miner and start it via terminal command. Like:
cd YourUnzippedMinerFolder
sudo chmod +x minergate-cli.bin

The Beta version seems to work for me and i saw an increase in hash rate initially but significantly dropped and kept dropping after 6 hours.

OS: Win 10 Pro
CPU : i3
GPU :Geforce GTX 1070

Hello, Rene.

Please, use --help command to find detailed info on how the command line should look.

I first did this
cd /Minergate
sudo chmod +x minergate-cli.bin
sudo ./minergate-cli.bin
needed some extra things(libOpenCL.so)
then tried(in the correct directory) sudo ./minergate-cli.bin -u “email” -xmr 8
and got “unrecognised option ‘-xmr’ ” error, I also tried it without the -xmr but said “No currency was set” -_-
What should I do?
* I have Ubuntu CLI 18.04 LTS

Hello, Maria.

The syntax for currencies is --coin ticker. In your example you have used -coin ticker instead. Try to use proper syntax. If it won’t help – please, contact our support service – support@minergate.com

Does not include all processors… HD7990, 6Gb, 768 bit
Worked: “-g 0” and “-g 1”.
“-g 0 1” – not work

“WARNING: ((uint32_t*)&hash)[7] target failed for id 0 nonce

Card R7 260x 1Gb, Windows 7 x64, driver 18.9.3.

speed dropped… standart cli: 188 h\s, new-cli: 172 h\s

CPU i7-920 8 cores
standart-cli: 75 h\s, new-cli: 85 h\s


minergate-cli (beta) wasn’t lunch on my Ubuntu (Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS, Linux 4.4.0-137-generic #163-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 24 13:14:43 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux).

I did
sudo chmod +x minergate-cli
– it’s “executable” but it doesn’t helps.

Even on
./minergate-cli -h
./minergate-cli -v
it’s return “invalid instruction” at all.

Please help!

Rating: 3

hello sir i am not able to run console mining help me to mine.
my configration of laptop is :- Acer Aspire F15
intel core i5-7200U 2.1 GHz to 3.1 GHz
12 gb ram DDR4
940max nvidia graphic card 2 gb ram

Rating: 5

I got my gpu mining but I’m concerned with the /bad 159/2 which started with 1 and increases every few lines.
What does it mean?
018-10-24 05:04:58] Diff: 6653 CPU/GPU: 101.7 H/s / 600.5 H/s accepted/bad 159/2
[2018-10-24 05:04:59] Diff: 6653 CPU/GPU: 101.7 H/s / 600.5 H/s accepted/bad 159/2
[2018-10-24 05:05:00] Diff: 6653 CPU/GPU: 101.6 H/s / 600.5 H/s accepted/bad 160/2
[2018-10-24 05:05:01] Diff: 6653 CPU/GPU: 101.6 H/s / 600.5 H/s accepted/bad 160/2
[2018-10-24 05:05:02] Diff: 6653 CPU/GPU: 101.6 H/s / 600.5 H/s accepted/bad 160/2
Client: running
CPU (3 threads): running

Hello, Duke.

At the end of each line, you can see an accepted/bad shares rate. According to your info, you’ve got 160 accepted shares (on average) and 2 bad shares. Bad shares could appear because of a huge variety of reasons, most of which are network-based. So there’s nothing to worry about.
However, if the number of bad shares will significantly increase – please contact our support service – support@minergate.com

Привет. Установил MG xFast Miner v. 1.1, не могу запустить добычу XMR, что делать?

I downloaded the CLI xFAST for my windows 7 setup and since there’s no guide the two places I tried to use for the batch file ended up being a load of cheap and so it opens for a second and gives me something about login and goes away

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