Mining BTG after the hard fork


Mining BTG after the hard fork

Dear miners,

We inform you that Bitcoin Gold has successfully conducted a hard fork and migrated to Equihash-BTG, a new Proof-of-Work algorithm. The hard fork has been aimed at ensuring the ASIC-resistance of the network, as well as minimizing the risk of “51% attack” by cutting off rental hashpowers with mining personalization improvements.

MinerGate is fully supporting the Bitcoin Gold hard fork, however currently only third-party mining software can mine after-fork BTG through our mining pool. To continue mining BTG with third-party software, you need to keep it updated to the latest after-fork version.

List of supported 3rd-party BTG miners:

MinerGate BTG Pool address:

The release of the MinerGate GUI application with support of BTG mining is planned for the next week. For more information about Bitcoin Gold read our story of BTG and visit the blockchain explorer page.