Mining with a Gaming PC


mining on gaming PC

So you have an amazing gaming PC that you aren’t using as much as you thought you would? Maybe you want to build or upgrade a gaming PC, but you’re concerned about the rising cost of graphics card? Perhaps you’ve heard about mining cryptocurrency with a GPU? If any of these is the case and you are interested in making some extra money or offsetting costs, then you’ve come to right place. Mining cryptocurrency with your gaming rig, while not as profitable as dedicated mining devices, can be an easy and fun way to earn some extra cash on the side and nobody makes it easier than MinerGate!

Easy Extra Income

First off you have to realize that mining cryptocurrency isn’t necessarily going to make you rich. The difficulty and increased hash requirements have made it so that it’s almost a given – this is just to make some money on the side. With that being said, by starting on a robust gaming PC, you are going to do much better than those mining on desktop PC’s and laptops. If, for instance, you wanted to upgrade your graphics card in your current PC but aren’t very happy with the price tag. You could mine a currency such as Monero XMR or Zcash ZEC or even Litecoin LTC using your new graphics cards processing power combined with whatever CPU your computer already has. It may take several months, but after some time you can actually earn back what you spent on the new graphics card just by mining it in this way.

Maybe you already have a powerful gaming rig and have just become interested in cryptocurrency? Well, good news! You’re a step ahead of most people who start to get into mining and the world of crypto. If you aren’t too worried about a side income and are just an enthusiast for the potential that cryptocurrencies offer, you could run your PC as a miner just to keep a record of the blockchain and increase the strength of the network. However, if you’re like most people you actually want to make some money. Luckily you already have the equipment you need to start. Building a mining rig is the highest cost associated with mining, so you get to bypass that completely and jump right in!

Considering the costs

As I already mentioned, the initial cost of building or acquiring a mining rig is always the highest. If you are brand new to mining and have no equipment, a gaming PC may be the best option for a few reasons:

  • Traditional desktop PCs and laptops are no longer profitable mining devices although they can still be used for fun and experimenting
    Mining Rigs and ASIC devices are incredibly costly up-front and serve no other function besides mining
  • Gaming PCs offer flexibility in what it can be used for, including of course enjoying your favorite video games, while still providing enough hashrate to actually make a dent mining, especially in a pool or multipool such as MinerGate or others.
  • There are a few other costs that you are going to want to factor as well. The biggest is power cost. In other words how much power does it take to run your PC and how much does that power cost you? This is the primary cost you will need to figure out on your own. For everything else, you can leave it to MinerGate. Simply head over to the downloads page on and download the UI for your operating system. Open the UI and run the benchmark test for your computer. This process takes a few minutes so be patient. When it’s finished, you will have a better idea of how your particular configuration is going to perform.

OK, so let’s make some money

Mining with a gaming PC

Now you can head over to MinerGate’s mining calculator to really get a better picture of what you can earn. This will help you to decide which currency will be the most ideal for you to actually start mining. You can also leave it up to the MinerGate Smart Mining function which will automatically mine the most profitable currency in a given hour based on some factors from hash difficulty to PC specs. You can continue mining with MinerGate even when you decide to use your computer for the purpose you originally intended — gaming! MinerGate will adjust the amount computing power allocated to mining to suit your needs whenever you begin running other applications or games.

Happy Mining!


The gaming PC can be used as a regular PC when not playing the game. Basically, the gaming Pc is also a normal computer that can be used for the regular purpose, it just has the configuration for the games.