Monero and Quazarcoin


MinerGate wants its users to be able to mine as many currencies as possible. We know that the exchange rate can change at any moment. You never know which coin it will be. So, we have decided to add some new currencies to our miner.

The first new coin is Monero or XMR. It is is a private secure cryptocurrency. It can’t be traced and it is open-sourced. Monero is available to anybody who decides to choose it for mining. Learn more about Monero at its official website.

Quazarcoin mining is available now, too. It is a new cryptocurrency that uses CryptoNight algorithm. It is ASIC- resistant and fully democratic. Learn more about Quazarcoin or QCN here. 

What’s more, we added block explorer for Monero, Quazarcoin and Fantomcoin.


monero block explorer

Block Explorer