Moneta Verde is listed on MinerGate


Our users are very different and they want to mine different coins. Today a new currency has joined MinerGate – please welcome Moneta Verde! You can find it in the miner and in the block explorer now.

Moneta Verde’s name is translated as “green coin”. This coin uses already existing mining resources and it’s supply is regulated by mining community. The good thing about this coin is that it is the first currency with block reward increasing along with difficulty.

Usually money supply grows with difficulty increase. As a rule, the increase happens due to an increased demand and leads to dependency of money supply on demand. That’s why Moneta Verde has a slower deflation rate than other coins. Learn more about this coin here.

You can merged mine other CryptoNote coins with Fantomcoin or MonetaVerde at your desire.


moneta verde

Moneta Verde is now available to all MinerGate miners


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