Nameos – the first MinerGate contribution to EOS


Nameos – the first MinerGate contribution to EOS

It’s been a while since MinerGate launched its own EOS block producer in December 2018. This milestone set in motion the massive project of MinerGate’s DPoS expansion. Now our team is glad to introduce the first contribution to the EOS ecosystem – a decentralized platform for EOS names trading, called Nameos.

It’s the very first step on the way to the full-scale MinerGate and EOS integration. For several months we have been researching the market and believe that there is a growing demand for a service like this. There is a new, rapidly expanding market of EOS names trading, allowing new users to have a smooth name for their new product or service.

The current version of the Nameos provides the following functions:

  • Attach your Scatter to the service;
  • Make bids on the names set for sale;
  • Instant buy feature for those who don’t want to wait;
  • 8 premium name suffixes: *.ai, *.br, *.jp, *.kr, *.org, *.play, *.uk, *.us;
  • Premium name trading section.

It’s worth noting a number of important points:

  1. The platform is currently in its early Alpha testing period.
  2. does not handle or presume control of users’ private keys at any point.
  3. Users’ funds are never in developers team’s possession. Make sure to keep a backup of your private keys in Scatter.
  4. serves to ease the process of accessing user information and interacting with EOSIO.

The MinerGate team will gather your feedback for the further development of the Nameos, so the service will fit all the needs of the community. Feel free to share your feedback about it via email, support tickets or in social media. Let’s work on the development of MinerGate EOS ecosystem together. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram to stay aware of the project’s development and be in touch with the latest MinerGate news.